Mark Dice

whoops-that-didn-t-work 04:27

Whoops! That Didn't Work!

21 hours ago     146,444 Views    
they-re-lost-in-fantasy-land 05:39

They're Lost in Fantasy Land!

1 day ago     146,639 Views    
it-s-fake 03:56

It's Fake!

2 days ago     155,452 Views    
they-re-coming-for-me-next 05:35

They're Coming For Me Next

5 days ago     148,436 Views    
rosie-o-donnell-has-cracked-the-case 05:09

Rosie O'Donnell Has Cracked The Case

6 days ago     111,414 Views    
he-just-disappeared 05:11

He Just Disappeared

1 week ago     119,815 Views    
alex-jones-is-now-an-unperson 04:08

Alex Jones is Now an Unperson

1 week ago     166,633 Views    
twitter-ceo-forced-to-testify-about-censoring-conservatives 04:29

Twitter CEO Forced to Testify About Censoring...

1 week ago     121,729 Views    
a-message-from-president-trump 02:01

A Message from President Trump

1 week ago     324 Views    
sarah-sanders-shuts-down-clown-jim-acosta 02:28

Sarah Sanders Shuts Down Clown Jim Acosta

1 week ago     1,825 Views    
msnbc-host-wants-facebook-shut-down-to-stop-fake-news 04:39

MSNBC Host Wants Facebook Shut Down to Stop '...

1 week ago     123,794 Views    
they-didn-t-think-it-was-funny 05:20

They Didn't Think It Was Funny

1 week ago     717 Views    
cnn-reporter-whines-about-nobody-liking-him 04:31

CNN Reporter Whines About Nobody Liking Him

2 weeks ago     835 Views    
they-re-everywhere 05:15

They're Everywhere!

2 weeks ago     791 Views    
this-is-not-a-joke 04:12

This is Not a Joke!

2 weeks ago     140,190 Views    
a-message-from-president-trump 20:00

A Message from President Trump

2 weeks ago     89 Views    
they-can-t-take-a-joke 04:45

They Can't Take a Joke!

2 weeks ago     103,330 Views    
he-didn-t-like-my-impression-of-him 06:30

He Didn't Like My Impression of Him

2 weeks ago     159,521 Views    
cnn-found-the-tape 04:39

CNN Found "the Tape"

3 weeks ago     153,104 Views    
gullible-isn-t-in-the-dictionary 05:53

'Gullible' Isn't In the Dictionary

3 weeks ago     114 Views    


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