Mark Dice

what-do-we-have-here 06:37

What Do We Have Here?

19 hours ago     960 Views    
america-s-most-pathetic-millennial 04:34

America’s Most Pathetic Millennial

1 day ago     23 Views    
he-s-seen-the-light 05:28

He's Seen the Light?

2 days ago     3,318 Views    
what-do-we-have-here 11:11

What Do We Have Here?

3 days ago     283 Views    
they-re-lovely 06:41

They're Lovely

6 days ago     48,307 Views    
it-s-spreading 05:15

It's Spreading!

1 week ago     1,419 Views    
the-deportation-bus 05:13

The "Deportation Bus"

1 week ago     187 Views    
you-re-not-going-to-believe-this 04:27

You're Not Going to Believe This

1 week ago     523 Views    
i-love-global-warming 05:11

I Love Global Warming

1 week ago     2,893 Views    
it-s-getting-worse 04:59

It's Getting Worse

1 week ago     4,181 Views    
not-mother-s-day-too 06:02

Not Mother's Day Too

2 weeks ago     3,462 Views    
google-s-creepy-new-artificial-intelligence-bot 06:52

Google's Creepy New Artificial Intelligence Bot

2 weeks ago     2,790 Views    
they-solved-it 05:55

They Solved It

2 weeks ago     215,995 Views    
she-s-baaack 05:08

She's Baaack

2 weeks ago     119,408 Views    
nbc-news-admits-huge-mistake 07:40

NBC News Admits HUGE Mistake

2 weeks ago     243,773 Views    
boy-scouts-go-full-social-justice-warrior 05:03

Boy Scouts Go Full Social Justice Warrior

3 weeks ago     182,945 Views    
starbucks-has-censored-me-for-mocking-them 06:00

Starbucks Has Censored Me for Mocking Them

3 weeks ago     214,529 Views    
girl-s-prom-dress-is-racist 02:46

Girl's Prom Dress is "Racist"

3 weeks ago     104,423 Views    
shampoo-is-racist-now 04:35

Shampoo is Racist Now

3 weeks ago     202,114 Views    
diamond-and-silk-crush-congressman 10:40

Diamond and Silk Crush Congressman

3 weeks ago     256,139 Views    


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