Triggered Tro

dr-phil-joins-logang 04:17

Dr. Phil Joins Logang

1 week ago     218,880 Views    
man-on-cheeseburger-only-diet-for-last-25-years 06:14

Man on 'Cheeseburger-Only Diet' for Last 25 Y...

1 week ago     254,815 Views    
best-of-dr-phil-triggered-tro-2017 05:32

Best of Dr. Phil & Triggered Tro 2017

2 weeks ago     300,830 Views    
dr-phil-takes-the-hardest-l-of-2017 04:37

Dr. Phil Takes the Hardest L of 2017

3 weeks ago     164,401 Views    
danielle-bregoli-s-sister-visits-dr-phil 10:31

Danielle Bregoli's Sister Visits Dr. Phil

4 weeks ago     160,549 Views    
woahvicky-discovers-new-colors 10:05

WoahVicky Discovers New Colors

1 month ago     185,066 Views    
completely-useless-christmas-life-hacks 04:26

Completely Useless Christmas Life Hacks

1 month ago     155,686 Views    
dr-phil-makes-tough-girl-look-foolish 11:42

Dr. Phil Makes “Tough Girl” Look Foolish

1 month ago     195,683 Views    
wannabe-youtube-gamer-embarrassed-on-national-tv 08:14

Wannabe 'YouTube Gamer' Embarrassed on Nation...

1 month ago     273,532 Views    
dr-phil-embarrasses-youtuber-on-national-television 08:21

Dr. Phil Embarrasses YouTuber on National Tel...

1 month ago     508,331 Views    
dr-phil-crushes-teen-s-dreams-of-being-a-youtuber 06:36

Dr. Phil Crushes Teen's Dreams of Being a You...

2 months ago     106,635 Views    
world-s-worst-drug-dealer-meets-dr-phil 06:39

World's Worst Drug Dealer Meets Dr. Phil

2 months ago     24,705 Views    
woah-vicky-teaches-us-how-colors-work 04:37

Woah Vicky Teaches Us How Colors Work

2 months ago     53,915 Views    
wannabe-danielle-bregoli-returns-to-dr-phil 06:40

Wannabe Danielle Bregoli RETURNS to Dr. Phil

2 months ago     20,853 Views    
wannabe-danielle-bregoli-visits-dr-phil 07:25

Wannabe Danielle Bregoli Visits Dr. Phil

3 months ago     15,737 Views    
never-judge-a-book-by-its-cover-challenge-fails-cringe 04:35

"Never Judge a Book By Its Cover Challenge" F...

4 months ago     18,195 Views    
rejected-by-crush-on-first-day-of-school-homecoming-proposal-rejection-cringe 04:42

Rejected by Crush on First Day of School | Ho...

4 months ago     40,250 Views    


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