i-couldn-t-believe-she-did-this-in-public 12:20

I Couldn't Believe She Did This In Public!

1 day ago     101,929 Views    
i-couldn-t-believe-my-son-almost-ruined-it 13:55

I Couldn't Believe My Son Almost Ruined It!

3 days ago     32,834 Views    
we-are-starting-a-new-channel 11:46

We Are Starting A New Channel!

5 days ago     54,044 Views    
i-just-really-want-your-attention 13:11

I Just Really Want Your Attention!

6 days ago     45,102 Views    
his-hobby-scares-me-a-lot 19:30

His Hobby Scares Me A Lot:(

1 week ago     48,813 Views    
this-is-how-you-get-kids-to-listen 14:59

This Is How You Get Kids To Listen

1 week ago     126,701 Views    
they-destroyed-our-bathroom-caught 10:53

They Destroyed Our Bathroom! (CAUGHT)

1 week ago     1,657 Views    
i-m-not-sure-how-they-felt-about-this 16:09

I'm Not Sure How They Felt About This!

1 week ago     36,137 Views    
mom-wasn-t-happy-about-what-i-did-to-our-daughter 14:49

Mom Wasn't Happy About What I Did To Our Daug...

2 weeks ago     145,191 Views    
i-m-leaving-for-a-while 17:33

I'm Leaving For A While..

2 weeks ago     128,264 Views    
2yr-old-tells-us-to-clean-this-mess 24:25

2yr Old Tells Us To Clean This Mess!

2 weeks ago     766 Views    
why-she-doesn-t-wear-her-engagement-ring 14:52

Why She Doesn't Wear Her Engagement Ring!

2 weeks ago     88,419 Views    
look-what-she-learned-to-do 10:20

Look What She Learned To Do!

2 weeks ago     114,040 Views    
we-can-finally-talk-about-it 15:32

We Can Finally Talk About It

2 weeks ago     158,321 Views    
what-we-don-t-show-you-bloopers 05:18

What We Don't Show You | Bloopers

3 weeks ago     141,828 Views    
a-crazy-day-in-the-life-of-21-year-old-parents 18:06

A Crazy Day In The Life Of 21 Year Old Parents!

3 weeks ago     175,635 Views    
this-is-starting-to-get-really-hard-for-me 10:05

This Is Starting To Get Really Hard For Me

3 weeks ago     96,595 Views    
i-didn-t-know-she-could-do-this 10:34

I Didn't Know She Could Do This!

3 weeks ago     1,064 Views    
she-stepped-on-something-sharp 15:55

She Stepped On Something Sharp!

3 weeks ago     80,965 Views    
questioning-his-manhood 12:55

Questioning His Manhood

4 weeks ago     130,322 Views    


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