Chris Ramsay

the-perfect-puzzle-box 11:26

The PERFECT Puzzle Box!!

1 day ago     359 Views    
solving-the-impossible-nut-bolt-puzzle 16:26

Solving The IMPOSSIBLE Nut & Bolt Puzzle!!

3 days ago     0 Views    
pasteboard-hype-entry-playing-cards 10:39

PASTEBOARD HYPE - Entry Playing Cards

4 days ago     44,327 Views    
the-best-brick-of-playing-cards 07:12

The BEST Brick of Playing Cards?!

1 week ago     37 Views    
i-learned-how-to-cheat-at-poker 15:17

I Learned How to CHEAT at POKER!!

1 week ago     43 Views    
solving-the-trickiest-japanese-puzzle-box 11:03

Solving the TRICKIEST Japanese Puzzle Box!!

1 week ago     80,505 Views    
the-funniest-prank-for-magicians 13:55

The FUNNIEST Prank for Magicians!!

2 weeks ago     50 Views    
how-to-take-dope-photos-of-your-playing-cards 15:39

How to take DOPE Photos of your Playing Cards!

2 weeks ago     49 Views    
solving-the-level-10-infinity-puzzle 10:16

Solving the LEVEL 10 INFINITY Puzzle!!

3 weeks ago     39 Views    
under-pressure 10:03


3 weeks ago     36 Views    
impossible-illusion-try-not-to-be-misdirected 07:30

IMPOSSIBLE ILLUSION - Try not to be Misdirect...

4 weeks ago     1,444 Views    
solving-the-antique-radio-puzzle 10:27

Solving the ANTIQUE RADIO Puzzle!!

4 weeks ago     43 Views    
what-s-hiding-inside-my-magic-drawer 12:21

What's Hiding inside my MAGIC DRAWER?!

1 month ago     52 Views    
i-learned-to-beat-the-iq-tester 12:32

I Learned to BEAT the IQ Tester!!

1 month ago     269,288 Views    
bruce-lee-vs-cobra-kai-who-would-win 10:47

BRUCE LEE VS COBRA KAI - Who would win?!

1 month ago     503 Views    
why-do-magicians-do-this 11:54

Why do Magicians do this?!

1 month ago     970 Views    
solving-the-ancient-lock-puzzle 10:22

Solving The ANCIENT Lock Puzzle!!

1 month ago     868 Views    
this-lock-is-not-what-it-seems-solving-the-challenging-lock-puzzle 10:41

This LOCK is NOT What it Seems!! - Solving th...

1 month ago     59,162 Views    
one-handed-triple-cut-cardistry-tutorial 11:30


1 month ago     44 Views    
solving-the-genius-viking-puzzle 11:21

Solving the GENIUS Viking Puzzle!!

2 months ago     47 Views    


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