i-was-harassed-by-my-students-for-being-gay 05:17

I Was Harassed By My Students For Being Gay

13 hours ago     31,447 Views    
indian-people-review-indian-characters-from-tv-and-film 08:26

Indian People Review Indian Characters From T...

1 day ago     76,009 Views    
life-without-sex 07:50

Life Without Sex

2 days ago     365,273 Views    
a-rainbow-flag-story-from-jail-to-pride 07:08

A Rainbow Flag Story | From Jail To Pride

3 days ago     55,452 Views    
i-spent-the-day-in-russia 06:20

I Spent The Day In Russia

4 days ago     74,155 Views    
i-spoke-to-my-father-for-the-first-time-in-8-years 12:16

I Spoke To My Father For The First Time In 8 ...

5 days ago     109,548 Views    
things-you-do-your-cat-finds-heroic-presented-by-buzzfeed-nutrish-for-cats 01:01

Things You Do Your Cat Finds Heroic // Presen...

5 days ago     54,082 Views    
i-made-my-own-custom-ice-cream 07:07

I Made My Own Custom Ice Cream

6 days ago     57,234 Views    
we-tried-korean-version-of-in-n-out 03:35

We Tried Korean Version Of In-N-Out

1 week ago     167,725 Views    
exploding-100-bottles-of-coke-with-a-steamroller 01:46

Exploding 100 Bottles Of Coke With A Steamroller

1 week ago     78,879 Views    
i-tried-to-get-39-million-people-to-stop-sucking 04:49

I Tried To Get 39 Million People To Stop Sucking

1 week ago     150,233 Views    
how-these-urban-farmers-are-combating-food-insecurity-in-philly-presented-by-buzzfeed-hyundai 03:42

How These Urban Farmers Are Combating Food In...

1 week ago     38,481 Views    
kyle-designs-his-marvel-inspired-superhero 02:28

KYLE Designs His Marvel-Inspired Superhero

1 week ago     38,572 Views    
i-taught-my-baby-sign-language-for-a-week 06:23

I Taught My Baby Sign Language For A Week

1 week ago     228,266 Views    
i-asked-my-mom-11-intimate-questions-before-it-s-too-late 12:28

I Asked My Mom 11 Intimate Questions Before I...

2 weeks ago     95,990 Views    
people-try-the-wine-version-of-4-loko 05:26

People Try The Wine Version Of 4 Loko

2 weeks ago     136,792 Views    
this-is-how-much-trash-buzzfeed-la-makes 05:50

This Is How Much Trash BuzzFeed LA Makes

2 weeks ago     22 Views    
clean-freak-vs-power-cleaner-kitchen-presented-by-buzzfeed-dremel-versa 01:32

Clean Freak Vs. Power Cleaner: Kitchen // Pre...

2 weeks ago     46,233 Views    
professional-boxers-review-boxing-movies 05:52

Professional Boxers Review Boxing Movies

2 weeks ago     23,474 Views    
we-tried-the-30-day-water-challenge 10:34

We Tried The 30 Day Water Challenge

2 weeks ago     2,336 Views    


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