blindfolded-strangers-guess-each-other-s-age 04:28

Blindfolded Strangers Guess Each Other's Age

2 days ago     26 Views    
you-won-t-believe-what-obama-says-in-this-video 01:13

You Won’t Believe What Obama Says In This Vid...

2 days ago     1,969,106 Views    
i-saw-the-walmart-yodel-boy-s-concert 06:18

I Saw The Walmart Yodel Boy's Concert

3 days ago     1,405,690 Views    
divorced-couple-looks-at-their-wedding-photos 05:47

Divorced Couple Looks At Their Wedding Photos

4 days ago     817,765 Views    
5-pie-vs-250-pie 14:50

$5 Pie Vs. $250 Pie

4 days ago     345,929 Views    
things-you-do-that-annoy-servers-and-bartenders 02:55

Things You Do That Annoy Servers And Bartenders

5 days ago     212,041 Views    
why-beyonc-really-forgave-jay-z 09:11

Why Beyoncé REALLY Forgave Jay-Z

5 days ago     41,901 Views    
i-tried-finding-my-soulmate-in-48-hours 09:26

I Tried Finding My Soulmate In 48 Hours

1 week ago     189,110 Views    
facts-you-re-going-to-google-because-you-won-t-believe-us 02:45

Facts You're Going To Google Because You Won'...

1 week ago     211,019 Views    
i-mastered-that-mesmerizing-tinfoil-ball 08:51

I Mastered That Mesmerizing Tinfoil Ball

1 week ago     1,748,414 Views    
the-struggles-of-owning-a-cat 01:34

The Struggles Of Owning A Cat

1 week ago     109,975 Views    
i-straightened-my-curly-hair-for-the-first-time 05:13

I Straightened My Curly Hair For The First Time

1 week ago     5,067 Views    
the-insane-way-i-cheated-on-a-college-test 07:09

The Insane Way I Cheated On A College Test

1 week ago     2,161,671 Views    
9-fish-vs-140-fish 16:03

$9 Fish Vs. $140 Fish

1 week ago     1,336,788 Views    
we-take-the-gen-z-quiz-feat-anna-akana 07:07

We Take The Gen Z Quiz Feat. Anna Akana

1 week ago     301,140 Views    
cat-lovers-learn-amazing-facts-about-cats-while-playing-with-kittens 03:35

Cat Lovers Learn Amazing Facts About Cats Whi...

1 week ago     23,021 Views    
extrovert-spends-24-hours-alone-in-the-woods 10:19

Extrovert Spends 24 Hours Alone In The Woods

1 week ago     165,423 Views    
i-got-sent-to-jail-on-my-birthday 08:36

I Got Sent To Jail On My Birthday

2 weeks ago     66,042 Views    
spoiler-party-for-westworld-fans-only 10:53

Spoiler Party For Westworld Fans Only

2 weeks ago     50 Views    
i-ate-lunch-with-strangers-for-a-week 04:47

I Ate Lunch With Strangers For A Week

2 weeks ago     146,194 Views    


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