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and-mikestuchbery-is-also-a-colossal-liar 00:11

And @MikeStuchbery_ is also a Colossal Liar

7 hours ago     639 Views    
the-most-honest-liars-on-the-internet 04:27

The Most Honest Liars on the Internet

15 hours ago     272 Views    
sargon-of-akkad-bbc-4-interview 06:40

Sargon of Akkad BBC 4 Interview

1 day ago     1,809 Views    
tl-dr-hunting 21:39

TL;DR Hunting

2 days ago     876 Views    
hello-jim 1:09:48

Hello, Jim

2 days ago     118,144 Views    
nike-getwokegobroke 06:33

Nike #GetWokeGoBroke

2 weeks ago     167,318 Views    
battlefield-v-makes-you-feel-like-a-wamen 09:09

Battlefield V Makes You Feel Like a Wamen

3 weeks ago     63,964 Views    
sjw-snowflakes-triggered-by-doom-eternal 07:56

SJW Snowflakes Triggered by Doom Eternal

1 month ago     252,417 Views    
h3h3-and-gavin-mcinnes-censored 04:43

H3H3 and Gavin McInnes Censored

1 month ago     50,216 Views    
o-lord-make-my-enemies-ridiculous 08:03

O Lord, Make My Enemies Ridiculous

1 month ago     21 Views    
the-white-female-saviour 04:52

The White Female Saviour

1 month ago     350 Views    
why-are-civil-liberties-groups-teaming-up-with-the-right 04:43

Why are Civil Liberties Groups Teaming Up wit...

1 month ago     672 Views    
the-new-york-times-hires-a-racist 04:15

The New York Times Hires a Racist

1 month ago     658 Views    
d-crusaders-21-the-church-of-veentology 2:22:36

D Crusaders #21 - The Church of Veentology

1 month ago     2,744 Views    
the-woman-as-capable-as-a-man 03:52

The Woman as Capable as a Man

1 month ago     32 Views    
trump-derangement-syndrome-and-the-end-of-the-progressive-utopia 10:12

Trump Derangement Syndrome and the End of the...

1 month ago     1,390 Views    
city-of-london-gender-identity-survey 06:22

City of London Gender Identity Survey

1 month ago     450 Views    
the-unmasking-antifa-act-of-2018 07:13

The Unmasking Antifa Act of 2018

1 month ago     1,665 Views    
what-avatar-could-have-taught-us 17:24

What Avatar Could Have Taught Us

1 month ago     520 Views    
i-heart-refugees 07:55

I Heart Refugees

1 month ago     672 Views    


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