Philip DeFranco

tired-frustrated-but-also-excited 06:40

Tired, Frustrated, But Also Excited

6 days ago     29,199 Views    
responding-to-all-the-outrage-ridiculous-h3h3-tweet-controversy-and-more 10:36

Responding to ALL The Outrage, Ridiculous H3H...

1 week ago     8,246 Views    
well-i-just-don-t-know-why-why-seriously-why 10:47

Well... I Just Don't Know Why! Why?! Seriousl...

1 week ago     16,177 Views    
wow-fbi-arrests-t-j-miller-the-fallout-from-the-cohen-raids-is-likely-to-be-messy-and-more 15:56

WOW! FBI Arrests T.J. Miller, The Fallout Fro...

1 week ago     865,822 Views    
insane-conor-mcgregor-attacks-bus-full-of-fighters-pewdiepie-under-fire-by-the-guardian-and-more 17:43

INSANE! Conor McGregor Attacks Bus Full Of Fi...

2 weeks ago     978,016 Views    
we-need-to-talk-about-the-youtube-hq-victim-blaming-us-china-trade-war-and-more 13:10

We Need To Talk About The Youtube HQ Victim B...

2 weeks ago     1,043,470 Views    
shooting-at-youtube-hq-what-we-know-fake-news-lawsuits-parkland-backpacks-and-more 16:23

Shooting At Youtube HQ, WHAT WE KNOW, Fake Ne...

2 weeks ago     1,536,287 Views    
massive-backlash-after-sbg-expos-video-goes-viral-ethan-couch-released-the-good-paul-more 16:58

Massive Backlash After SBG Exposé Video Goes ...

2 weeks ago     14 Views    
bonus-sean-evans-reveals-how-he-truly-feels-about-hot-ones-hot-wings-kevin-hart-and-much-more 56:38

(BONUS!) Sean Evans Reveals How He Truly Feel...

3 weeks ago     2,735 Views    
mass-boycott-of-laura-ingraham-explained-chance-responds-to-racist-ad-groupon-scandal-more 14:43

Mass Boycott of Laura Ingraham Explained, Cha...

3 weeks ago     377,072 Views    
ninja-n-word-controversy-explained-ridiculous-howard-university-dmx-fraud-and-more 18:31

Ninja N-Word Controversy Explained, Ridiculou...

3 weeks ago     17 Views    
wow-discrimination-scandal-exposes-weird-double-standard-digital-crushing-tv-russia-fires-more 15:00

WOW! Discrimination Scandal Exposes Weird Dou...

3 weeks ago     1,274,276 Views    
massive-backlash-after-video-reveals-the-truth-fake-news-or-satire-russians-kicked-out-more 17:48

Massive Backlash After Video Reveals The Trut...

3 weeks ago     1,652,081 Views    
new-youtube-crackdown-incoming-things-could-get-bad-real-quick-for-us-and-more 14:11

New YouTube Crackdown Incoming, Things Could ...

1 month ago     10,045 Views    
new-controversial-video-evidence-sparks-backlash-debate-protests-more 12:16

New Controversial Video Evidence Sparks Backl...

1 month ago     1,010,697 Views    
we-need-to-talk-about-the-nazi-pug-guilty-verdict-new-undercover-videos-and-more 18:03

We Need To Talk About The "Nazi Pug" Guilty V...

1 month ago     903,650 Views    
wth-is-cambridge-analytica-why-it-matters-austin-bombings-and-the-ninja-twitch-switch 19:20

WTH Is Cambridge Analytica & Why It Matters, ...

1 month ago     934,373 Views    
an-apology-explanation-katy-perry-sparks-outrage-horrifying-bridge-collapse-raises-questions 16:48

An Apology & Explanation, Katy Perry Sparks O...

1 month ago     871,826 Views    
why-people-are-freaking-out-about-rihanna-russia-ninja-drake-fortnite-record-and-more 16:24

Why People Are Freaking Out About Rihanna, Ru...

1 month ago     919,976 Views    
disgusting-united-airlines-dog-accident-sparks-outrage-student-walkout-threats-and-more 13:49

DISGUSTING! United Airlines' Dog "Accident" S...

1 month ago     1,431,117 Views    


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