Philip DeFranco

why-people-are-freaking-out-about-donald-trump-pewdiepie-sarah-hyland-and-more 14:05

Why People Are Freaking Out About Donald Trum...

1 week ago     9,008 Views    
we-need-to-talk-about-the-insane-shane-dawson-accusations-and-fake-news-witch-hunt 18:08

We Need To Talk About The INSANE Shane Dawson...

1 week ago     1,777,677 Views    
youtube-s-ridiculous-new-response-to-the-logan-paul-scandal-reveals-a-huge-problem-and-more 15:29

Youtube's RIDICULOUS New Response To The Loga...

1 week ago     2,142,819 Views    
wow-google-sued-for-discriminating-against-white-men-and-bella-thorne-s-abuse-story-makes-waves 13:39

WOW! Google Sued For Discriminating Against W...

1 week ago     1,767,809 Views    
logan-paul-racism-vs-disrespect-controversy-erupts-and-false-accusations-exposed-2-years-too-late 10:58

Logan Paul Racism Vs Disrespect Controversy E...

2 weeks ago     1,839,843 Views    
we-need-to-talk-about-the-logan-paul-problem-new-escalations-and-more 21:58

We Need To Talk About The Logan Paul Problem,...

2 weeks ago     1,037,954 Views    
so-i-have-3-things-to-say-might-delete-this-tomorrow 01:58

So...I have 3 things to say. (Might delete th...

2 weeks ago     517,218 Views    
goodbye-for-now-anna-akana-s-assault-accusations-against-max-landis-poundland-backlash-and-more 12:51

Goodbye For Now, Anna Akana's Assault Accusat...

4 weeks ago     1,216,848 Views    
why-people-are-pissed-at-logan-paul-un-condemns-trump-declaration-and-defrancoin-launch 12:12

Why People Are Pissed At Logan Paul, UN Conde...

1 month ago     740,288 Views    
disgusting-mckayla-maroney-s-forced-silence-and-huge-bitcoin-cash-insider-trading-accusations 13:09

DISGUSTING! McKayla Maroney's Forced Silence ...

1 month ago     746,863 Views    
wow-rose-mcgowan-s-metoo-infighting-backlash-liza-koshy-beats-traditional-and-more 11:10

WOW! Rose McGowan's #MeToo Infighting Backlas...

1 month ago     203,771 Views    
we-need-to-talk-about-kim-jong-hyun-cdc-banned-words-controversy-explained-and-more 12:52

We Need To Talk About Kim Jong-hyun, CDC "Ban...

1 month ago     1,588,670 Views    
so-stupid-quantic-dream-controversy-sparks-outrage-horrible-police-video-exposed-and-more 17:23

SO STUPID! Quantic Dream Controversy Sparks O...

1 month ago     1,222,396 Views    
disgusting-i-can-t-believe-we-have-to-talk-about-brock-turner-again-and-more 14:58

DISGUSTING! I Can't Believe We Have To Talk A...

1 month ago     1,582,611 Views    
who-is-lying-the-faze-banks-and-alissa-violet-bar-brawl-controversy-breakdown 18:20

WHO IS LYING? The FaZe Banks and Alissa Viole...

1 month ago     1,320,976 Views    
victoria-s-secret-models-video-sparks-outrage-and-trump-s-fake-news-retweet-controversy-explained 13:15

Victoria's Secret Models Video Sparks Outrage...

1 month ago     1,382,156 Views    
huge-washington-post-exposed-failure-why-150-000-videos-were-just-deleted-and-more 15:12

Huge "Washington Post Exposed" Failure, Why 1...

1 month ago     1,229,385 Views    
why-the-adpocalypse-is-worse-than-ever-and-the-nyt-under-fire-for-normalizing-hate 14:31

Why The Adpocalypse is Worse Than Ever And Th...

1 month ago     1,296,603 Views    
we-need-to-talk-about-the-disturbing-exploitation-of-kids-on-youtube 07:18

We Need To Talk About The Disturbing Exploita...

1 month ago     1,424,538 Views    
the-insane-hq-trivia-meltdown-explained-why-gabby-douglas-story-matters-and-more 15:22

The INSANE HQ Trivia Meltdown Explained, Why ...

1 month ago     868,050 Views    


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