Philip DeFranco

wow-the-millie-bobby-brown-fake-claims-situation-the-trump-lawsuit-explained-kate-upton-more 11:25

WOW! The Millie Bobby Brown Fake Claims Situa...

3 days ago     723,118 Views    
why-fortnite-is-bad-for-you-controversy-twitter-news-scandal-incoming-3-californias-more 13:35

Why Fortnite Is "Bad For You" Controversy, Tw...

4 days ago     1,076,139 Views    
inside-the-bizarre-instagram-model-kidnapping-conviction-trump-kim-summit-fallout-more 13:19

Inside The Bizarre Instagram Model Kidnapping...

5 days ago     8,680 Views    
horrifying-how-article-13-could-ruin-the-internet-priyanka-chopra-backlash-and-andrea-russett 16:29

HORRIFYING! How Article 13 Could Ruin The Int...

6 days ago     13,681 Views    
what-really-happened-arizona-police-caught-on-video-crossfit-pride-scandal-more 15:54

What Really Happened! Arizona Police Caught O...

1 week ago     1,059,012 Views    
brock-turner-s-disgusting-punishment-makes-history-star-wars-controversy-kim-kardashian 11:34

Brock Turner's DISGUSTING "Punishment" Makes ...

1 week ago     762,009 Views    
massive-backlash-after-truth-revealed-fox-news-propaganda-swimsuit-ban-more 15:30

Massive Backlash After Truth Revealed, Fox Ne...

1 week ago     1,229,466 Views    
why-people-are-freaking-out-about-demi-lovato-huge-scotus-decision-trump-more 15:59

Why People Are Freaking Out About Demi Lovato...

1 week ago     19,827 Views    
the-msm-parkland-problem-is-ridiculous-zoella-obesity-study-and-tommy-robinson-controversy 14:54

The MSM Parkland Problem Is Ridiculous, Zoell...

2 weeks ago     1,595 Views    
diane-black-exposes-the-real-problem-roseanne-fallout-gets-weirder-a-russian-resurrection 15:08

Diane Black EXPOSES The Real Problem, Roseann...

2 weeks ago     696,938 Views    
wow-roseanne-canceled-over-tweet-pubg-sues-fortnite-puerto-rico-more 11:37

WOW! Roseanne Canceled Over Tweet, PUBG Sues ...

2 weeks ago     208,226 Views    
the-1500-lost-children-controversy-explained-hero-teacher-bts-more 15:28

The 1500 "Lost" Children Controversy Explaine...

2 weeks ago     717,305 Views    
we-should-talk-about-what-james-harrison-did 06:12

We Should Talk About What James Harrison Did...

3 weeks ago     22,445 Views    
why-youtube-s-new-experiment-is-scaring-people-shaun-king-s-false-accusations-north-korea 14:38

Why Youtube's New "Experiment" Is Scaring Peo...

3 weeks ago     728,163 Views    
wow-tomi-lahren-hate-backfires-the-obama-boycott-nfl-kneeling-crackdown-more 14:58

WOW! Tomi Lahren Hate Backfires, The Obama Bo...

3 weeks ago     14,632 Views    
why-people-are-freaking-out-about-kendrick-lamar-set-up-allegations-liza-koshy-more 15:39

Why People Are Freaking Out About Kendrick La...

3 weeks ago     783,367 Views    
jack-henry-kaplan-exposed-can-we-copystrike-pewdiepie-response-venezuela-s-election 14:15

Jack Henry Kaplan Exposed, "Can We Copystrike...

3 weeks ago     713,084 Views    
wow-new-copyright-scandal-info-revealed-trump-animals-kardashian-backlash-more 18:08

WOW! New Copyright Scandal Info Revealed, Tru...

1 month ago     17,973 Views    
the-pewdiepie-collabdrm-alinity-copyright-abuse-scandal-laurel-vs-yanny-net-neutrality 16:27

The PewDiePie CollabDRM Alinity Copyright Abu...

1 month ago     762,238 Views    
what-the-meghan-markle-controversy-shows-us-north-korea-cancels-the-fairfield-10-gaza 19:00

What The Meghan Markle Controversy Shows Us, ...

1 month ago     945,000 Views    


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