Philip DeFranco

huge-ign-failure-exposed-why-zoella-is-being-called-a-scammer-and-ea-comes-under-fire 18:50

Huge IGN "Failure" Exposed, Why Zoella Is Bei...

4 days ago     793,651 Views    
how-sexual-assault-allegations-turned-into-a-keurig-boycott-and-an-alleged-wonder-woman-standoff 24:58

How Sexual Assault Allegations Turned into a ...

5 days ago     792,164 Views    
wow-huge-allegations-against-louis-c-k-blow-up-the-jim-beam-boycott-and-more 15:43

WOW! HUGE Allegations Against Louis C.K. Blow...

1 week ago     1,065,518 Views    
why-we-need-to-talk-about-finn-wolfhard-and-other-child-actors 16:24

Why We Need To Talk About Finn Wolfhard and O...

1 week ago     682,665 Views    
wow-taylor-swift-vs-the-aclu-explained-nude-photo-threat-squashed-and-demetria-obilor-shamed 13:02

WOW! Taylor Swift VS The ACLU Explained, Nude...

1 week ago     189,134 Views    
youtubers-speaking-out-against-youtube-s-issue-and-let-s-talk-about-texas 13:16

YouTubers Speaking Out Against YouTube's $$$ ...

1 week ago     1,246,479 Views    
why-people-are-freaking-out-about-tomi-lahren-and-shouting-hypocrisy 10:49

Why People Are Freaking Out About Tomi Lahren...

2 weeks ago     1,071,947 Views    
huge-underage-accusations-against-kevin-spacey-blow-up-facebook-spying-and-manafort-s-update 16:04

HUGE Underage Accusations Against Kevin Space...

2 weeks ago     195,561 Views    
the-ridiculous-barstool-vs-espn-controversy-banning-terry-richardson-and-more 12:17

The RIDICULOUS Barstool VS ESPN Controversy, ...

3 weeks ago     1,009,733 Views    
who-is-lying-megyn-kelly-fires-at-bill-o-reilly-and-trump-vs-gold-star-widow 16:49

WHO IS LYING?! Megyn Kelly Fires At Bill O'Re...

3 weeks ago     1,226,655 Views    
huge-buzzfeed-plagiarism-controversy-causes-outrage-but-is-there-more-to-it 22:01

HUGE BuzzFeed Plagiarism Controversy Causes O...

4 weeks ago     826,584 Views    
disgusting-mckayla-maroney-reveals-horrible-treatment-bbc-twists-youtube-problem-and-more 16:35

DISGUSTING! McKayla Maroney Reveals Horrible ...

1 month ago     186,385 Views    
why-these-fights-won-t-end-anytime-soon-no-losers-just-winners-kinda 16:47

Why These "Fights" Won't End Anytime Soon. No...

1 month ago     226,177 Views    
why-people-are-freaking-out-about-kate-beckinsale-s-allegations-jake-paul-s-lawsuit-and-more 16:58

Why People Are Freaking Out About Kate Beckin...

1 month ago     702,202 Views    
wow-huge-accusations-against-ben-affleck-in-harvey-weinstein-abuse-scandal-revealed-and-more 17:19

WOW! Huge Accusations Against Ben Affleck in ...

1 month ago     1,407,174 Views    
disgusting-new-massive-allegations-expose-years-of-abuse-explaining-the-harvey-weinstein-scandal 17:54

DISGUSTING! New Massive Allegations Expose Ye...

1 month ago     1,219,629 Views    
we-need-to-talk-about-defy-media-s-sexual-harassment-problem 15:28

We Need To Talk About DEFY Media's Sexual Har...

1 month ago     1,245,250 Views    
why-i-didn-t-talk-about-ricegum-content-cop-apologizing-for-fake-news-and-more 15:00

Why I Didn't Talk About Ricegum Content Cop, ...

1 month ago     310,006 Views    
why-people-are-freaking-out-about-the-cam-newton-sexism-controversy-and-fake-lgbt-news-goes-viral 14:27

Why People Are Freaking Out About The Cam New...

1 month ago     1,241,106 Views    
why-youtube-s-new-change-is-scaring-many-creators-post-adpocalypse 17:19

Why YouTube's New $$$ Change Is Scaring Many ...

1 month ago     1,126,939 Views    


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