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jeffrey-toobin-slams-trump-s-so-called-spy-issue-it-s-really-a-fake-issue 13:01

Jeffrey Toobin Slams Trump’s ‘So-Called Spy I...

5 hours ago     23 Views    
wh-lawyer-attended-briefings-on-fbi-source 13:17

WH Lawyer Attended briefings On FBI Source

11 hours ago     19 Views    
trump-is-such-a-baby-his-reason-to-cancel-the-meeting-was-because-north-korea-was-hostile 16:40

Trump is such a baby. His reason to cancel th...

14 hours ago     35 Views    
what-mueller-asked-jared-kushner 11:02

What Mueller Asked Jared Kushner ?

18 hours ago     2 Views    
the-building-you-work-in-is-secure-chris-cuomo-presses-nancy-pelosi-on-school-safety 13:28

'The Building You Work in is Secure': Chris C...

1 day ago     6 Views    
jake-tapper-unpacks-years-of-trump-s-lies-he-has-zero-evidence 14:44

Jake Tapper unpacks years of Trump’s lies: He...

1 day ago     115 Views    
trump-s-fbi-s-py-theory-is-completely-i-nsane 15:01

Trump’s FBI Theory Is Completely I.nsane

1 day ago     6 Views    
resolution-for-second-special-counsel-to-investigate-fbi-doj 15:40

Resolution for second special counsel to inve...

1 day ago     12 Views    
inept-clueless-out-of-the-loop-cnn-panel-goes-off-the-rails-over-trump-s-demand 14:37

‘Inept, Clueless, Out of the Loop’: CNN Panel...

4 days ago     6 Views    
trump-says-he-ll-demand-doj-investigation-into-fbi-infiltration 16:46

Trump says he’ll ‘demand’ DOJ investigation i...

4 days ago     15 Views    


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