Tyler Rugge

moving-my-pets-to-my-new-house 07:08

Moving My Pets to My New House!

4 days ago     18,958 Views    
moving-into-my-own-house-leaving-my-animals-behind 07:12

Moving Into My Own House - Leaving My Animals...

2 weeks ago     33 Views    
update-on-my-rescued-turtle-from-20-gallons-to-120-gallons 13:45

Update on My Rescued Turtle! From 20 Gallons ...

3 weeks ago     49 Views    
how-the-air-in-your-home-could-be-killing-your-pet-birds-what-to-do 09:48

How the Air in Your Home Could be Killing You...

1 month ago     50 Views    
feeding-my-6-pet-snakes 11:06

Feeding My 6 Pet Snakes!!!

1 month ago     175 Views    
how-to-maintain-humidity-in-reptile-enclosures-and-preventing-mold 11:00

How to Maintain Humidity in Reptile Enclosure...

1 month ago     50 Views    
pets-that-can-help-with-mental-health 10:53

Pets That Can Help with Mental Health!

1 month ago     50 Views    
i-have-15-baby-scorpions-how-are-they-doing-update 05:40

I have 15 Baby Scorpions... How are they doin...

1 month ago     743 Views    
my-experience-at-tanacon-vidcon-kicked-out-of-taylor-dean-s-meetup 15:30

My Experience at Tanacon & Vidcon! (kicked ou...

1 month ago     47 Views    
i-m-a-father-now-to-15-scorpions-my-scorpion-gave-birth 07:03

I'm a Father Now...to 15 Scorpions | MY SCORP...

1 month ago     49 Views    
feeding-and-providing-vet-care-to-the-pets-of-homeless-people 05:36

Feeding and Providing Vet Care to the Pets of...

2 months ago     50 Views    
i-rescued-a-turtle-that-was-neglected-for-over-12-years 13:23

I Rescued a Turtle That was Neglected for Ove...

2 months ago     49 Views    
i-got-a-new-snake-tricolor-hognose 10:40


2 months ago     47 Views    
animals-i-would-never-want-to-have-as-a-pet 12:00

Animals I Would NEVER Want to have as a Pet!

2 months ago     16,372 Views    
cleaning-my-hedgehog-cage-momo-being-cute 10:37

Cleaning My Hedgehog Cage! + Momo being cute

2 months ago     50 Views    
pet-youtuber-reacts-to-jenna-marbles-hamster-care 12:50

Pet Youtuber Reacts to Jenna Marbles Hamster ...

2 months ago     49 Views    
my-biggest-pet-peeves-in-the-pet-community 08:49

My Biggest Pet Peeves in the Pet Community!!!

2 months ago     313 Views    
animal-room-tour-updated-tyler-rugge 15:39

ANIMAL ROOM TOUR *Updated* | Tyler Rugge

3 months ago     141 Views    
moving-my-abronias-outside-new-enclosure-build 11:11

Moving My Abronias Outside! | New Enclosure B...

3 months ago     158 Views    
new-hedgehog-cage-cage-tour 07:59


3 months ago     9,897 Views    


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