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the-worst-graduation-fails-ever 09:49

The Worst Graduation Fails Ever

7 hours ago     5,690 Views    
when-kids-look-identical-to-their-parents-not-photoshopped 05:24

When Kids Look Identical To Their Parents (No...

2 days ago     797 Views    
captions-that-will-change-the-way-you-see-things 08:08

Captions That Will Change The Way You See Things

3 days ago     10,208 Views    
cna-yuo-raed-tihs-olny-50-of-poeple-cna-raed-tihs 06:52

Cna yuo raed tihs? Olny 50% of poeple cna rae...

4 days ago     10,850 Views    
kids-get-pepper-sprayed-by-their-teacher 04:34

Kids Get Pepper Sprayed By Their Teacher!

5 days ago     7,198 Views    
funniest-places-people-were-caught-sleeping 05:58

Funniest Places People Were Caught Sleeping

5 days ago     7,513 Views    
hilarious-things-you-can-actually-buy 06:45

Hilarious Things You Can Actually Buy!

6 days ago     11,115 Views    
never-celebrate-too-early-biggest-l-ever 07:47

Never Celebrate Too Early (Biggest "L" Ever)

1 week ago     9,217 Views    
pick-a-color-and-it-will-guess-your-age 04:30

Pick A Color And It Will Guess Your Age

1 week ago     6,947 Views    
the-most-confusing-trivia-game-ever 05:49

The Most Confusing Trivia Game Ever

1 week ago     193,863 Views    
playing-would-you-rather-with-my-friend-awkward 09:09

Playing Would You Rather With My Friend (Awkw...

1 week ago     7,631 Views    
the-worst-of-special-effects 05:29

The Worst Of Special Effects!

1 week ago     6,050 Views    
funniest-notes-parents-gave-their-kids-embarrassing 05:02

Funniest Notes Parents Gave Their Kids (Embar...

1 week ago     456,168 Views    
hilarious-chinese-rip-offs 06:26

Hilarious Chinese Rip Offs

1 week ago     4,815 Views    
why-do-these-songs-sound-exactly-the-same-part-14 05:11

Why Do These Songs Sound Exactly The Same? (P...

1 week ago     240,986 Views    
nailed-it-or-failed-it-funniest-memes 07:27

Nailed It Or Failed It (Funniest Memes)

2 weeks ago     5,694 Views    
what-men-see-vs-what-women-see 04:26

What Men See Vs. What Women See

2 weeks ago     14,110 Views    
if-you-don-t-love-me-at-my-worst-funniest-memes 04:14

If You Don't Love Me At My Worst (Funniest Me...

2 weeks ago     17 Views    
students-who-beat-the-school-system 05:04

Students Who Beat The School System

2 weeks ago     10,581 Views    
funniest-senior-quotes-ever 06:07

Funniest Senior Quotes Ever!

2 weeks ago     487,283 Views    


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