man-uses-stand-your-ground-law-to-defend-hitting-5-year-old-ft-steve-greene-davidsocomedy 12:00

Man Uses "Stand Your Ground" Law to Defend Hi...

1 day ago     63,796 Views    
nigerians-hack-ford-dealership-emails-steal-736k 10:23

Nigerians Hack Ford Dealership Emails & Steal...

5 days ago     13,585 Views    
man-cooks-for-himself-at-waffle-house-ft-khalyla-khun-gilbert-galon-davidsocomedy 12:08

Man Cooks For Himself at Waffle House ft. Kha...

5 days ago     88,439 Views    
ws-beware-the-wrath-of-krampus-ft-khalyla-khun-gilbert-galon-davidsocomedy 20:02

WS - Beware The Wrath of Krampus! ft. Khalyla...

6 days ago     113,091 Views    
ws-nanny-stops-thief-from-stealing-ft-khalyla-kuhn-gilbert-galon-davidsocomedy 20:59

WS - Nanny Stops Thief From Stealing ft. Khal...

1 week ago     135,678 Views    
woman-claims-brownies-ended-her-marriage 11:15

Woman Claims Brownies Ended Her Marriage!

1 week ago     78,519 Views    
restaurant-responds-to-reviewer-who-didn-t-even-eat-there-ft-davidsocomedy 11:04

Restaurant Responds to Reviewer Who Didn't Ev...

1 week ago     15,290 Views    
court-rules-unsent-text-is-valid-as-last-will-testament-ft-gina-darling-davidsocomedy 14:30

Court Rules Unsent Text is Valid as Last Will...

1 week ago     58,379 Views    
ex-army-ranger-says-training-turned-him-criminal-ft-gina-darling-davidsocomedy 10:03

Ex-Army Ranger Says Training Turned Him Crimi...

2 weeks ago     95,208 Views    
man-constantly-hallucinates-england-s-national-anthem-ft-steebee-weebee-davidsocomedy 12:31

Man Constantly Hallucinates England's Nationa...

2 weeks ago     42,643 Views    
app-created-to-simply-compliment-people-ft-ricky-shucks 12:52

App Created to Simply Compliment People ft. R...

3 weeks ago     30,668 Views    
allison-mack-accused-of-cult-recruiting-ft-davidsocomedy 12:06

Allison Mack Accused of Cult Recruiting ft. D...

3 weeks ago     69,230 Views    
mariah-carey-accused-of-harassment-ft-anthony-lee-davidsocomedy 14:05

Mariah Carey Accused of Harassment ft. Anthon...

3 weeks ago     157,517 Views    
cards-against-humanity-buys-land-to-stop-trump-s-wall-ft-anthony-lee-davidsocomedy 13:17

'Cards Against Humanity' Buys Land to Stop Tr...

3 weeks ago     142,198 Views    
focusing-on-failure-could-be-the-key-to-success-ft-gina-darling-davidsocomedy 13:14

Focusing on Failure Could Be the Key to Succe...

4 weeks ago     43,297 Views    
researchers-examine-how-flight-affects-the-body-ft-steve-greene 12:00

Researchers Examine How Flight Affects the Bo...

4 weeks ago     65,349 Views    
surrogate-accidentally-gives-birth-to-her-own-child-ft-davidsocomedy 13:25

Surrogate Accidentally Gives Birth to Her Own...

1 month ago     156,524 Views    
ws-smell-like-fried-chicken-with-kfc-s-bath-soak-ft-philip-wang-davidsocomedy 21:54

WS - Smell Like Fried Chicken With KFC’s Bath...

1 month ago     78,629 Views    
ucla-basketball-players-arrested-for-shoplifting-ft-philip-wang-davidsocomedy 12:09

UCLA Basketball Players Arrested for Shoplift...

1 month ago     42,237 Views    
ws-flight-diverted-after-woman-discovers-affair-ft-philip-wang-davidsocomedy 19:55

WS - Flight Diverted After Woman Discovers Af...

1 month ago     73,726 Views    


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