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nfl-player-turned-teacher-aaron-maybin-helps-students-during-baltimore-winter-nbc-nightly-news 01:46

NFL Player-Turned-Teacher Aaron Maybin Helps ...

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wwe-raw-turns-25-nbc-nightly-news 02:00

WWE ‘Raw’ turns 25 | NBC Nightly News

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online-shopping-trend-creates-boom-towns-across-the-u-s-nbc-nightly-news 01:56

Online shopping trend creates boom towns acro...

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puerto-rico-still-struggling-four-months-after-hurricane-maria-nbc-nightly-news 02:15

Puerto Rico still struggling four months afte...

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officials-american-from-new-jersey-now-an-isis-commander-nbc-nightly-news 01:55

Officials: American from New Jersey now an IS...

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inside-north-korea-lester-holt-reports-from-a-modern-ski-resort-nbc-nightly-news 01:28

Inside North Korea: Lester Holt reports from ...

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vp-pence-talks-shutdown-during-middle-east-trip-nbc-nightly-news 01:56

VP Pence talks shutdown during Middle East tr...

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u-s-military-faces-danger-as-congress-fails-to-provide-immediate-funding-nbc-nightly-news 01:43

U.S. military faces danger as Congress fails ...

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blame-game-intensifies-on-second-day-of-government-shutdown-nbc-nightly-news 02:21

Blame game intensifies on second day of gover...

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this-organization-is-turning-drawing-into-a-social-pastime-nbc-nightly-news 01:50

This organization is turning drawing into a s...

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new-hope-for-those-with-ticking-time-bomb-aneurysms-nbc-nightly-news 02:19

New hope for those with ‘ticking time bomb’ a...

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u-k-combats-solitude-with-a-new-minister-of-loneliness-nbc-nightly-news 01:49

U.K. combats solitude with a new Minister of ...

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inside-north-korea-as-it-prepares-for-the-olympics-nbc-nightly-news 01:17

Inside North Korea as it prepares for the Oly...

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second-women-s-march-draws-thousands-across-the-country-nbc-nightly-news 02:33

Second Women’s March draws thousands across t...

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day-one-of-government-shutdown-stalemate-with-no-daca-compromise-nbc-nightly-news 03:59

Day one of government shutdown stalemate with...

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watch-live-women-s-march-rally-takes-place-in-las-vegas 4:10:15

Watch Live: Women's March rally takes place i...

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w-h-leg-dir-trump-for-president-ad-represents-and-outside-group-meet-the-press-nbc-news 01:49

W.H. Leg. Dir.: 'Trump for President' ad repr...

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cotton-i-can-t-make-that-kind-of-commitment-to-support-trump-deal-meet-the-press-nbc-news 00:44

Cotton: 'I can't make that kind of commitment...

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watch-live-women-s-march-rallies-from-around-the-u-s 10:58:56

Watch live: Women's March Rallies from aroun...

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gymnastics-stars-speak-out-against-larry-nassar-nbc-nightly-news 02:22

Gymnastics Stars Speak Out Against Larry Nass...

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