Vet Ranch

five-cheese-puppies 10:03

Five Cheese Puppies

2 weeks ago     60,824 Views    
two-sibling-pups-with-broken-bones-censored 10:41

Two Sibling Pups With Broken Bones (CENSORED)

1 month ago     45,710 Views    
how-did-he-get-like-this 15:28

How Did He Get Like This???

1 month ago     47 Views    
she-once-was-blind 07:40

She Once Was Blind

2 months ago     73,382 Views    
he-was-scheduled-to-die 10:08

He Was Scheduled To Die

2 months ago     105,561 Views    
humbling-healing 07:54

Humbling Healing

3 months ago     83,064 Views    
a-christmas-miracle 08:29

A Christmas Miracle

3 months ago     57,650 Views    
tiny-puppy-big-hernia 10:03

Tiny Puppy, Big Hernia

3 months ago     958 Views    
beautiful-girl-has-her-body-and-soul-transformed 08:09

Beautiful Girl Has Her Body and Soul Transfor...

3 months ago     44 Views    
some-sugar-for-thursday 05:08

Some Sugar For Thursday

3 months ago     544 Views    
once-neglected-now-loved 07:15

Once Neglected, Now Loved!

3 months ago     258,436 Views    
stop-resuscitate-and-listen-saving-baby-ice 05:49

Stop, Resuscitate, and Listen - Saving Baby Ice

4 months ago     145,679 Views    
look-at-this-pups-leg 04:01

Look At This Pups Leg!

4 months ago     103,805 Views    
it-looks-like-his-tail-was-burned-off 10:05

It Looks Like His Tail Was Burned Off...

5 months ago     59,221 Views    
will-he-ever-walk-normally-again 10:02

Will He Ever Walk Normally Again???

5 months ago     132,540 Views    
i-didn-t-think-we-could-help-him 11:15

I Didn't Think We Could Help Him...

5 months ago     80,801 Views    
hairless-itching-and-starving 06:43

Hairless, Itching, and Starving

6 months ago     326,612 Views    
he-can-t-stop-doing-this-and-it-s-driving-him-crazy 05:03

He Can't Stop Doing This, and It's Driving Hi...

6 months ago     117,012 Views    
yep-it-s-broken 10:09

Yep....It's Broken...

7 months ago     56,366 Views    
i-don-t-know-if-i-can-help-this-one-10-days-old 10:15

I Don't Know If I Can Help This One... 10 day...

8 months ago     187,290 Views    


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