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white-house-on-family-separations-trump-enforcing-the-law 07:15

White House on family separations: Trump enfo...

1 hour ago     87 Views    
dershowitz-to-trump-stop-separating-parents-from-children 03:35

Dershowitz to Trump: Stop separating parents ...

2 hours ago     94 Views    
what-narrative-will-play-out-when-horowitz-wray-testify 03:08

What narrative will play out when Horowitz, W...

3 hours ago     60 Views    
song-inspired-deployed-soldier-to-connect-with-his-dad 04:10

Song inspired deployed soldier to connect wit...

1 day ago     46 Views    
judge-jeanine-ig-report-evidence-of-deep-state-hard-at-work 09:48

Judge Jeanine: IG report evidence of deep sta...

1 day ago     171 Views    
diamond-silk-on-bill-clinton-s-sexual-harassment-hypocrisy 01:35

Diamond & Silk on Bill Clinton's sexual haras...

1 day ago     30 Views    
eric-shawn-pres-trump-kim-jong-un-is-calling 06:11

Eric Shawn: Pres. Trump... Kim Jong Un is cal...

1 day ago     48 Views    
taxi-plows-into-crowd-in-moscow-as-fans-watch-world-cup 02:16

Taxi plows into crowd in Moscow as fans watch...

1 day ago     50 Views    
how-can-the-us-assess-north-korea-s-nuclear-arsenal 06:32

How can the US assess North Korea's nuclear a...

1 day ago     89 Views    
security-heightened-at-world-cup-after-taxi-hits-crowd 01:31

Security heightened at World Cup after taxi h...

1 day ago     22 Views    
multiple-injuries-after-taxi-hits-crowd-in-moscow 00:22

Multiple injuries after taxi hits crowd in Mo...

1 day ago     82 Views    
fbi-and-doj-criticized-in-doj-inspector-general-report 06:21

FBI and DOJ criticized in DOJ inspector gener...

1 day ago     180 Views    
former-trump-campaign-manager-manafort-jailed-pending-trail 04:14

Former Trump campaign manager Manafort jailed...

1 day ago     51 Views    
is-trump-winning-the-immigration-debate 04:57

Is Trump winning the immigration debate?

1 day ago     168 Views    
alan-dershowitz-slams-decision-to-jail-paul-manafort 04:02

Alan Dershowitz slams decision to jail Paul M...

1 day ago     98 Views    
jeff-mason-talks-trump-s-impromptu-white-house-lawn-gaggle 03:59

Jeff Mason talks Trump's impromptu White Hous...

2 days ago     101 Views    
matt-schlapp-mark-penn-talk-ig-report-fall-out 05:14

Matt Schlapp, Mark Penn talk IG report fall out

2 days ago     85 Views    
msnbc-s-ali-velshi-reads-from-bible-to-fact-check-sessions 04:30

MSNBC's Ali Velshi reads from Bible to fact-c...

2 days ago     80 Views    
supporters-of-trump-criticized-as-cult-like 05:29

Supporters of Trump criticized as cult-like

2 days ago     98 Views    
laura-ingraham-meet-the-real-cultists 06:08

Laura Ingraham: Meet the real cultists

2 days ago     261 Views    


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