Kevin Perjurer

defuncttv-the-history-of-zoboomafoo 14:52

DefunctTV: The History of Zoboomafoo

5 days ago     241 Views    
defunctland-the-failure-of-disney-s-arcade-chain-disneyquest 24:09

Defunctland: The Failure of Disney's Arcade C...

2 weeks ago     54,564 Views    
defunctland-the-failure-of-disney-s-chuck-e-cheese-ripoff-club-disney 18:53

Defunctland: The Failure of Disney's Chuck E....

1 month ago     107,385 Views    
defunctland-the-history-of-the-nickelodeon-hotel 19:13

Defunctland: The History of the Nickelodeon H...

1 month ago     705 Views    
defuncttv-the-history-of-legends-of-the-hidden-temple 17:01

DefunctTV: The History of Legends of the Hidd...

2 months ago     421 Views    
interview-w-jenny-nicholson-intellectual-property-challenge 1:18:37

Interview w/ Jenny Nicholson: "Intellectual P...

2 months ago     48 Views    
defunctland-the-war-for-disney-s-america 37:33

Defunctland: The War for Disney's America

2 months ago     253 Views    
defunctland-top-10-extinct-disneyland-opening-day-attractions 18:31

Defunctland: Top 10 Extinct Disneyland Openin...

3 months ago     161 Views    
interview-w-puppeteer-noel-macneal-being-bear 1:00:43

Interview w/ Puppeteer Noel MacNeal: "Being B...

3 months ago     214 Views    
defuncttv-the-history-of-bear-in-the-big-blue-house 12:16

DefunctTV: The History of Bear in the Big Blu...

3 months ago     45 Views    
defunctland-the-demolition-of-six-flags-astroworld 24:19

Defunctland: The Demolition of Six Flags Astr...

3 months ago     43 Views    
defunctland-guide-to-the-magic-kingdom-now-available-for-preorders 01:15

Defunctland: Guide to the Magic Kingdom Now A...

3 months ago     262 Views    
defunctland-the-history-of-busch-gardens-swinging-classic-the-big-bad-wolf 12:04

Defunctland: The History of Busch Gardens' Sw...

4 months ago     285 Views    
interview-w-imagineer-tim-delaney-designing-for-disney 1:23:18

Interview w/ Imagineer Tim Delaney: Designing...

4 months ago     75 Views    
defunctland-the-history-of-disney-s-best-coaster-space-mountain-from-the-earth-to-the-moon 20:12

Defunctland: The History of Disney's Best Coa...

4 months ago     49 Views    
defunctland-the-failure-of-euro-disneyland 20:20

Defunctland: The Failure of Euro Disneyland

4 months ago     44,723 Views    
interview-w-mitchel-and-marc-musso-disney-stars-in-disney-parks 1:02:45

Interview w/ Mitchel and Marc Musso: Disney S...

5 months ago     50 Views    
interview-w-mitchel-and-marc-musso-disney-stars-in-disney-parks 1:02:44

Interview w/ Mitchel and Marc Musso: Disney S...

5 months ago     166 Views    
defunctland-the-history-of-disney-s-worst-attraction-ever-superstar-limo 20:18

Defunctland: The History of Disney's Worst At...

5 months ago     52 Views    
defunctland-podcast-ep-20-the-reboot-of-the-defunctland-podcast 23:56

Defunctland Podcast Ep. 20: The Reboot of the...

5 months ago     47 Views    


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