we-spent-a-whole-day-recreating-our-honeymoon-pictures 13:47

We Spent a Whole Day Recreating Our Honeymoon...

1 day ago     209 Views    
i-m-really-sick 15:06

I’m Really Sick...

3 days ago     122,907 Views    
busting-it 12:48

Busting It!!!

4 days ago     36 Views    
his-first-trip-out-of-america 07:43

His First Trip Out of America!!!

5 days ago     1,953 Views    
night-op-with-thermal-looking-for-a-killer 17:10

Night Op With Thermal, Looking For a Killer

1 week ago     416,739 Views    
the-white-chicken-is-dead 23:59

The White DEAD...

1 week ago     203,574 Views    
had-to-remove-all-this-from-my-house 11:52

Had To Remove All This From My House...

2 weeks ago     146,795 Views    
crack-house-renovation-huge-progress 13:25

Crack House Renovation, Huge Progress!!!

2 weeks ago     15 Views    
well-i-suck-at-this 15:45

Well... I Suck at This

3 weeks ago     111,679 Views    
here-s-how-my-son-broke-his-neck-sort-of 11:52

Here's How My Son Broke His Neck (sort of)

3 weeks ago     47 Views    
she-got-me-an-embarrassing-father-s-day-gift 13:22

She Got Me an Embarrassing Father's Day Gift...

4 weeks ago     141,673 Views    
we-have-to-go-away 14:37

We Have To Go Away!!!

4 weeks ago     181,922 Views    
i-found-my-new-ride 17:25

I Found My New Ride!

1 month ago     124,853 Views    
secret-stuff-happening-here-in-california 12:30

Secret Stuff Happening Here in California...

1 month ago     96,496 Views    
renovation-ranch-begins 14:37

Renovation Ranch Begins!!!

1 month ago     188,647 Views    
surprise-found-in-our-new-house 17:53

Surprise Found in Our New House!

1 month ago     160,818 Views    
why-am-i-a-veterinarian 14:45

Why Am I A Veterinarian???

1 month ago     129,628 Views    
soooo-we-bought-a-crack-house 14:45

Soooo....We Bought a Crack House...

1 month ago     195,155 Views    
casey-neistat-is-not-telling-the-truth 16:08

Casey Neistat is NOT Telling The Truth

1 month ago     179,909 Views    
i-hate-that-this-happened 11:03

I Hate That This Happened... :'(

1 month ago     143,460 Views    


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