zeyzal-and-travis-finally-figure-out-how-na-can-win-worlds 07:59

Zeyzal and Travis FINALLY FIGURE OUT how NA c...

16 hours ago     143 Views    
meteos-meditates-tsm-flops-how-far-can-na-go-at-worlds-hotline-league-45 1:37:53

Meteos MEDITATES, TSM flops, how far can NA g...

17 hours ago     53 Views    
dardoch-zoe-is-just-an-abomination 11:51

Dardoch: 'Zoe is just an abomination'

1 month ago     28,946 Views    
optic-gm-romain-solo-queue-is-an-excuse-motivation-is-the-problem 11:19

Optic GM Romain: Solo queue is an excuse, mot...

1 month ago     51 Views    
xmithie-talks-team-liquid-s-crazy-inconsistency 10:02

Xmithie talks Team Liquid's CRAZY inconsistency

1 month ago     122 Views    
should-regi-step-in-to-save-tsm-hotline-league-excerpt 10:54

Should Regi step in to save TSM? - Hotline Le...

1 month ago     134 Views    
esports-pros-vs-nfl-athletes-who-trains-more-the-diagram 06:07

Esports pros vs NFL athletes: who TRAINS more...

1 month ago     67 Views    
rioter-talks-about-unwinnable-league-games-hotline-league-excerpt 11:01

Rioter talks about unwinnable League games | ...

1 month ago     103 Views    
aphromoo-says-solo-queue-is-a-waste-of-time-travis-interview 13:37

Aphromoo says solo queue is a waste of time |...

1 month ago     50 Views    
ggs-mickey-english-interview-talks-team-success-and-more 04:24

GGS Mickey English interview: talks team succ...

2 months ago     48 Views    
echo-fox-s-coach-is-leaving-what-s-next-for-him 06:49

Echo Fox's coach is leaving, what's next for ...

2 months ago     156 Views    
is-levi-better-than-meteos-long-term 07:07

Is Levi better than Meteos long term?

2 months ago     50 Views    
doublelift-rekkles-perkz-eat-crab-talk-life-and-death-of-marksmen-league-of-legends 25:22

Doublelift, Rekkles, Perkz eat crab, talk lif...

2 months ago     119 Views    
the-doublelift-curse-where-my-adc-s-at-rekkles-benches-himself-and-more-hotline-league-35 2:20:01

The Doublelift curse, where my adc's at, Rekk...

2 months ago     85 Views    
ovilee-on-rift-rivals-that-time-she-cried-at-lcs-and-anime-escape-rooms 11:36

Ovilee on Rift Rivals, that time she cried at...

2 months ago     49 Views    
caps-believes-rift-rivals-will-help-eu-prepare-for-worlds 06:59

Caps believes Rift Rivals will help EU prepar...

2 months ago     122 Views    
soaz-why-teemo-and-shaco-won-t-be-competitive-even-if-heimerdinger-is 10:59

Soaz: why TEEMO and Shaco won't be competitiv...

2 months ago     109 Views    
rekkles-why-he-benched-himself-na-s-impending-adc-doom-and-more 28:47

Rekkles: why he benched HIMSELF, NA's impendi...

2 months ago     49 Views    
olleh-views-rift-rivals-as-his-revenge-match-against-fnatic 10:26

Olleh views Rift Rivals as his revenge match ...

2 months ago     63 Views    
solo-i-think-if-we-don-t-have-any-bad-losses-and-get-quality-games-we-can-make-a-run-for-first 07:33

Solo: 'I think if we don't have any bad losse...

2 months ago     67 Views    


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