froskurinn-frothes-msi-over-vietnam-rising-doublelift-audience-hotline-league-28 2:05:05

Froskurinn Frothes, MSI over, Vietnam rising,...

1 day ago     83 Views    
should-na-stop-copying-korea-and-instead-pull-inspiration-from-the-lpl-hotline-league-excerpt 19:28

Should NA stop "copying Korea" and instead pu...

3 days ago     72 Views    
new-eu-lcs-host-laure-shares-her-personal-story-and-talks-french-fan-passion 07:37

New EU LCS host Laure shares her personal sto...

3 days ago     122 Views    
extensive-interview-with-g2-ocelote-about-eu-lcs-franchising-the-state-of-his-org-and-more 25:10

Extensive interview with G2 Ocelote about EU ...

4 days ago     47 Views    
soaz-on-his-struggle-to-deal-with-being-subbed-and-how-he-s-coping-with-it 06:12

Soaz on his struggle to deal with being subbe...

5 days ago     130 Views    
evos-warzone-says-of-vietnam-lol-we-will-destroy-everyone 07:26

EVOS Warzone says of Vietnam LoL: "We will de...

6 days ago     108 Views    
team-liquid-loses-travis-stuck-in-paris-msi-and-more-hotline-league-27 1:54:04

Team Liquid loses, Travis stuck in Paris, MSI...

1 week ago     56 Views    
uzi-feels-like-has-more-international-fans-than-chinese-fans 03:29

Uzi feels like has more international fans th...

1 week ago     50 Views    
pray-talks-about-the-best-adc-champs-and-if-kingzone-can-win-msi 06:19

Pray talks about the best ADC champs and if K...

1 week ago     65 Views    
j-etudie-a-la-bibliotheque-au-histoire-travis-msi-daily-7 04:53

j'etudie a la bibliotheque au histoire - Trav...

1 week ago     63 Views    
doublelift-and-rekkles-chat-together-life-as-an-adc-how-long-they-ll-play-and-much-more 17:55

Doublelift and Rekkles chat together - life a...

1 week ago     49 Views    
je-suis-un-ordinateur-travis-msi-daily-6 03:37

je suis un ordinateur - Travis MSI Daily #6

1 week ago     104 Views    
karsa-on-rng-s-chances-facing-off-against-his-former-team-flash-wolves-and-anime-figures 05:40

Karsa on RNG's chances, facing off against hi...

1 week ago     29 Views    
you-can-buy-beer-at-eu-lcs-travis-msi-daily-4 05:10

You can buy beer at EU LCS - Travis MSI Daily #4

1 week ago     59 Views    
peanut-says-that-he-would-try-playing-in-na-in-the-future-if-he-was-given-a-chance 07:05

Peanut says that he would try playing in NA i...

1 week ago     92 Views    
we-re-famous-in-china-now-travis-msi-daily-3 02:46

We're famous in china now - Travis MSI Daily #3

1 week ago     82 Views    
caps-thoughts-on-international-midlaners-and-his-rising-fame 06:42

Caps: thoughts on international midlaners and...

1 week ago     104 Views    
moojin-how-playing-in-eu-before-joining-fw-helped-him-become-a-better-player 05:00

Moojin: how playing in EU before joining FW h...

1 week ago     21 Views    
papasmithy-is-kingzone-still-the-final-boss-like-skt-before-them-what-s-up-with-the-west 10:47

PapaSmithy: Is Kingzone still the final boss ...

1 week ago     45 Views    
azael-on-team-liquid-s-per-performance-criticism-eu-vs-na-lcs-studios-and-casting-msi-2018 13:25

Azael on Team Liquid's per performance, criti...

2 weeks ago     49 Views    


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