the-most-relatable-tweets-ever 03:30

The Most Relatable Tweets Ever!

18 hours ago     1,963 Views    
these-boyfriends-should-be-ashamed 03:33

These Boyfriends Should Be Ashamed

1 day ago     2,598 Views    
regrettable-things-people-did-while-drunk 03:48

Regrettable Things People Did While Drunk

2 days ago     1,462 Views    
guess-what-this-person-was-trying-to-cook 05:34

Guess What This Person Was Trying To Cook!

2 days ago     2,882 Views    
students-that-took-stupidity-to-another-level 04:12

Students That Took Stupidity To Another Level

3 days ago     2,279 Views    
what-is-your-opinion-on-these-random-things 04:28

What Is Your Opinion On These Random Things?

5 days ago     47,120 Views    
optical-illusions-that-will-mess-with-your-brain 03:32

Optical Illusions That Will Mess With Your Brain

6 days ago     2,799 Views    
really-weird-flavoured-snacks-and-drinks 04:09

Really Weird Flavoured Snacks And Drinks

1 week ago     1,460 Views    
pictures-making-us-confused 04:47

Pictures Making Us Confused

1 week ago     1,931 Views    
one-super-power-people-wish-they-had 04:32

One Super Power People Wish They Had

1 week ago     1,697 Views    
designs-that-are-just-bad 04:31

Designs That Are Just BAD

1 week ago     1,814 Views    
testing-my-dog-s-patience 05:46

Testing My Dog's Patience

1 week ago     1,705 Views    
delightful-and-funny-tumblr-jokes 03:14

Delightful And Funny Tumblr Jokes

1 week ago     1,196 Views    
people-who-took-laziness-to-a-whole-new-level 03:41

People Who Took Laziness To A Whole New Level

1 week ago     1,989 Views    
hilarious-jokes-with-a-plot-twist 04:30

Hilarious Jokes With A PLOT TWIST!!

1 week ago     3,319 Views    
people-who-should-be-ashamed 03:29

People Who Should Be Ashamed!

1 week ago     3,052 Views    
pictures-that-are-messing-with-us 04:09

Pictures That Are Messing With Us

1 week ago     2,313 Views    
pictures-that-will-make-you-ask-why-tho 03:51

Pictures That Will Make You Ask 'Why Tho'

1 week ago     2,393 Views    
satisfying-pictures-of-food-to-calm-you-down 04:09

Satisfying Pictures Of Food To Calm You Down

1 week ago     2,444 Views    
people-who-scare-us 04:23


1 week ago     2,726 Views    


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