times-twitter-taught-us-new-things 03:56

Times Twitter Taught Us New Things

6 days ago     106,687 Views    
the-most-uninspiring-quotes-ever 06:09

The Most Uninspiring Quotes Ever!

1 week ago     76,147 Views    
awkward-stories-about-getting-rejected 03:22

Awkward Stories About Getting Rejected

1 week ago     109,433 Views    
funny-things-kids-said-aloud 03:21

Funny Things Kids Said Aloud!

1 week ago     94,623 Views    
the-craziest-things-people-did-on-a-dare 04:21

The Craziest Things People Did On A Dare!

1 week ago     81,363 Views    
the-funniest-wifi-names 03:14

The Funniest Wifi Names!

1 week ago     95,125 Views    
ridiculous-things-people-believed-as-kids 04:41

Ridiculous Things People Believed As Kids!

1 week ago     74,347 Views    
hilarious-responses-to-people-who-didn-t-text-back 04:09

Hilarious Responses To People Who Didn't Text...

2 weeks ago     125,971 Views    
creepy-two-sentence-horror-stories 04:13

Creepy Two Sentence Horror Stories...

2 weeks ago     145,258 Views    
the-best-response-to-ex-texts 03:24

The Best Response To Ex Texts!

2 weeks ago     81,827 Views    
things-that-are-pretty-clever 03:07

Things That Are Pretty Clever

2 weeks ago     92,048 Views    
relatable-things-about-crushes 04:47

Relatable Things About Crushes!

2 weeks ago     75,456 Views    
times-people-were-too-innocent-for-the-internet 03:44

Times People Were Too Innocent For The Internet

2 weeks ago     53,530 Views    
the-funniest-classroom-fails 04:38

The Funniest Classroom Fails!

3 weeks ago     63,920 Views    
the-funniest-misunderstandings-ever 04:12

The Funniest Misunderstandings Ever

3 weeks ago     48,246 Views    
reasons-why-couples-broke-up 05:11

Reasons Why Couples Broke Up!

3 weeks ago     98,862 Views    
creepy-things-kids-have-said 04:59

Creepy Things Kids Have Said...

3 weeks ago     71,848 Views    
the-most-shocking-high-school-rumors-ever-told 03:41

The Most Shocking High School Rumors Ever Told

3 weeks ago     58,731 Views    
totally-awkward-crush-confessions 04:05

Totally Awkward Crush Confessions!

3 weeks ago     71,880 Views    
the-most-funny-and-weird-phone-cases 04:34

The Most Funny And Weird Phone Cases

3 weeks ago     77,340 Views    


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