Kill'em FTW

i-made-the-worlds-first-hoverboard-that-actually-floats-you-won-t-believe-how 14:28

I Made the Worlds First Hoverboard That Actua...

18 hours ago     8,627 Views    
i-was-scammed-out-of-1-319-72-it-could-happen-to-you-not-clickbait 12:08

I Was Scammed out of $1,319.72 & It Could Hap...

1 week ago     87 Views    
i-got-in-the-back-of-a-random-van-where-i-ended-up-was-unbelievable 15:24

I Got in the Back of a Random Van & Where I E...

2 weeks ago     3,378 Views    
i-went-camping-in-a-floating-tent-on-a-lake-it-was-fun-until-this-happened 18:34

I Went Camping in a Floating Tent on a Lake &...

3 weeks ago     7,945 Views    
i-bought-a-1500-safe-at-an-auction-you-won-t-believe-what-i-found 17:35

I Bought a $1500 Safe at an Auction & You Won...

1 month ago     7,723 Views    
what-happens-if-you-spend-24-hours-in-a-tanning-bed-sun-bed-challenge 16:52

What Happens If You Spend 24 Hours in a Tanni...

1 month ago     1,078 Views    
what-happens-if-you-spend-24-hours-sinking-in-oobleck-oobleck-bath-challenge 16:24

What Happens If You Spend 24 Hours Sinking in...

1 month ago     8,641 Views    
can-i-climb-a-house-using-only-super-glue 13:06

Can I Climb a House Using Only Super Glue?

2 months ago     1,380 Views    
i-filled-a-room-with-sleeping-spray-wasn-t-allowed-to-sleep-for-24-hours-deprivation-challenge 13:39

I Filled a Room with Sleeping Spray & Wasn’t ...

2 months ago     164,782 Views    
i-made-a-bed-out-of-play-doh-it-was-the-best-night-s-sleep-i-ever-had-diy-play-doh-challenge 17:26

I Made a Bed out of Play Doh & It Was the Bes...

2 months ago     1,026,195 Views    
i-spent-24-hours-in-a-10-million-mansion-lived-like-a-billionaire-hide-and-seek-challenge 18:01

I Spent 24 Hours in a $10 Million Mansion & L...

3 months ago     2,369 Views    
i-3d-printed-a-house-lived-in-it-it-was-the-best-day-of-my-life-3d-print-challenge 15:03

I 3D Printed a House & Lived in It… It Was th...

3 months ago     10,111 Views    
i-trained-in-the-gym-for-24-hours-straight-this-actually-happened-workout-challenge 20:42

I Trained in the Gym for 24 Hours Straight & ...

3 months ago     434,272 Views    
i-went-metal-detecting-underwater-and-you-won-t-believe-what-i-found-scuba-diving-challenge 13:50

I Went Metal Detecting Underwater and You Won...

4 months ago     328,770 Views    
i-played-fortnite-for-100-hours-straight-you-have-to-see-what-happened-battle-royale-challenge 22:18

I Played Fortnite for 100 Hours Straight & Yo...

4 months ago     2,811 Views    
i-spent-the-night-in-a-phone-box-wasn-t-allowed-to-end-the-call-payphone-challenge 21:39

I Spent the Night in a Phone Box & Wasn’t All...

4 months ago     987 Views    
i-spent-24-hours-in-vr-didn-t-know-what-was-real-anymore-virtual-reality-challenge 22:47

I Spent 24 Hours in VR & Didn’t Know What Was...

4 months ago     2,511 Views    
i-spent-the-night-buried-in-sand-up-to-my-neck-couldn-t-escape-beach-challenge 22:50

I Spent the Night Buried in Sand up to My Nec...

4 months ago     387,683 Views    
i-went-scuba-diving-in-a-zorb-ball-you-have-to-see-what-happened-swimming-on-land-challenge 15:06

I Went Scuba Diving in a Zorb Ball & You Have...

5 months ago     427 Views    
i-ate-meatballs-in-every-ikea-it-was-the-best-thing-i-ever-did-ikea-meatball-challenge 23:51

I Ate Meatballs in Every Ikea & It Was the Be...

5 months ago     79,060 Views    


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