First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright

first-things-first-audio-podcast-1-17-18-cris-carter-nick-wright-jenna-wolfe-first-things-first 48:46

First Things First audio podcast (1.17.18) Cr...

3 days ago     32 Views    
cris-carter-previews-vikings-eagles-and-jaguars-patriots-first-things-first 09:54

Cris Carter previews Vikings - Eagles and Jag...

3 days ago     49 Views    
cris-carter-on-steelers-players-lobbying-owner-art-rooney-to-fire-mike-tomlin-first-things-first 10:22

Cris Carter on Steelers players lobbying owne...

3 days ago     50 Views    
first-things-first-audio-podcast-1-16-18-cris-carter-nick-wright-jenna-wolfe-first-things-first 53:05

First Things First audio podcast(1.16.18)Cris...

4 days ago     25 Views    
nick-wright-thinks-a-lot-has-to-go-right-for-the-cavaliers-to-beat-the-warriors-first-things-first 11:27

Nick Wright thinks a lot has to go right for ...

4 days ago     43 Views    
nick-and-cris-react-to-the-skirmish-in-the-clippers-113-102-win-vs-the-rockets-first-things-first 10:02

Nick and Cris react to the skirmish in the Cl...

4 days ago     52 Views    
first-things-first-audio-podcast-1-15-18-cris-carter-nick-wright-jenna-wolfe-first-things-first 48:04

First Things First audio podcast (1.15.18) Cr...

5 days ago     34 Views    
nick-and-cris-on-the-patriots-35-14-win-over-the-titans-in-the-nfl-playoffs-first-things-first 09:09

Nick and Cris on the Patriots' 35-14 win over...

5 days ago     0 Views    
nick-and-cris-on-the-eagles-15-10-win-over-the-falcons-in-the-nfl-playoffs-first-things-first 06:33

Nick and Cris on the Eagles' 15-10 win over t...

5 days ago     91 Views    
nick-and-cris-on-the-jaguars-45-42-win-over-the-steelers-in-the-nfl-playoffs-first-things-first 06:05

Nick and Cris on the Jaguars' 45-42 win over ...

5 days ago     51 Views    
nick-and-cris-on-the-vikings-29-24-win-over-the-saints-in-the-nfl-playoffs-first-things-first 09:45

Nick and Cris on the Vikings' 29-24 win over ...

5 days ago     55 Views    
first-things-first-audio-podcast-1-12-18-cris-carter-nick-wright-jenna-wolfe-first-things-first 41:57

First Things First audio podcast (1.12.18) Cr...

1 week ago     39 Views    
eric-mangini-looks-ahead-to-patriots-vs-titans-saints-vs-vikings-first-things-first 12:47

Eric Mangini looks ahead to Patriots vs Titan...

1 week ago     51 Views    
nick-wright-reacts-to-the-cavaliers-losing-by-34-points-to-the-raptors-first-things-first 12:32

Nick Wright reacts to the Cavaliers losing by...

1 week ago     61 Views    
nick-wright-on-kevin-durant-s-20k-point-milestone-talks-warriors-woes-first-things-first 12:14

Nick Wright on Kevin Durant's 20K point miles...

1 week ago     132,387 Views    
nick-on-lonzo-the-ball-bro-s-game-in-lithuania-nba-fights-and-steph-curry-first-things-first 06:05

Nick on Lonzo, the Ball Bro's game in Lithuan...

1 week ago     166,275 Views    
nick-and-cris-talk-stephen-curry-for-mvp-reveal-concerns-about-lebron-and-cavs-first-things-first 11:08

Nick and Cris talk Stephen Curry for MVP, rev...

1 week ago     205,870 Views    
nick-wright-reacts-to-nick-saban-s-5th-title-for-the-alabama-crimson-tide-first-things-first 13:26

Nick Wright reacts to Nick Saban's 5th title ...

1 week ago     94,609 Views    
nick-and-cris-on-the-falcons-26-13-win-over-the-rams-in-nfl-playoffs-first-things-first 06:51

Nick and Cris on the Falcons' 26-13 win over ...

1 week ago     101,891 Views    
nick-and-cris-on-the-saints-31-26-win-over-the-panthers-in-the-nfl-playoffs-first-things-first 09:59

Nick and Cris on the Saints' 31-26 win over t...

1 week ago     145,420 Views    


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