Mikaela Long

the-tea-on-tea-accounts 10:54

the tea on tea accounts

21 hours ago     2,285 Views    
trying-asmr-for-the-first-time 10:06

trying ASMR for the first time

1 week ago     775 Views    
pretending-like-everything-s-fine-again 10:28

pretending like everything's fine again

2 weeks ago     1,898 Views    
danny-gonzalez-and-drew-gooden-do-my-makeup 10:13

Danny Gonzalez and Drew Gooden do my makeup

3 weeks ago     2,237 Views    
why-are-faux-freckles-controversial 13:06

why are faux freckles controversial?

1 month ago     1,858 Views    
doing-my-makeup-using-only-art-supplies 10:43

doing my makeup using only art supplies

1 month ago     47 Views    
drunk-stories 11:58

dRunK sToRiEs

1 month ago     2,326 Views    
questioning-my-love-for-new-kylie-lip-kits-rare 10:22

questioning my love for new kylie lip kits *r...

1 month ago     2,162 Views    
doing-my-makeup-in-reverse 10:17

doing my makeup in reverse

2 months ago     461 Views    
i-don-t-remember-my-birthday-live-footage 12:58

i don't remember my birthday *live footage*

2 months ago     88,560 Views    
annoying-my-best-friend-for-10-minutes 11:32

annoying my best friend for 10 minutes

2 months ago     48,629 Views    
reacting-to-my-old-vines-hizuuh 14:52

reacting to my old vines *hiZUUH*

2 months ago     1,783 Views    
following-makeup-instructions-by-drunk-me 12:06

following makeup instructions by drunk me

3 months ago     47 Views    
i-threw-us-a-slumber-party 10:03

i threw us a slumber party

3 months ago     1,511 Views    
getting-emotionally-attached-to-kylie-s-cre-me-lipsticks 10:48

getting emotionally attached to kylie's crèm...

3 months ago     903 Views    
doing-my-makeup-in-a-jacuzzi 10:14

doing my makeup in a jacuzzi

3 months ago     118,692 Views    
reacting-to-my-old-selfies-idk-her 10:22

reacting to my old selfies ~idk her~

4 months ago     957 Views    
how-to-do-nothing-like-a-pro 10:18

how to do nothing *LIKE A PRO*

4 months ago     754 Views    
doing-my-makeup-using-only-kylie-lip-kits 10:05

doing my makeup using only Kylie lip kits

4 months ago     49 Views    
i-tried-following-refinery29-makeup-tutorials 10:22

I tried following Refinery29 makeup tutorials

4 months ago     108,866 Views    


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