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one-trump-advisor-has-jeff-sessions-wondering-if-his-days-are-numbered 05:14

One Trump Advisor Has Jeff Sessions Wondering...

30 minutes ago     92 Views    
trump-just-made-boldest-move-yet-against-illegals-and-mexico-is-nervous 04:12

Trump Just Made Boldest Move Yet Against Ille...

10 hours ago     284 Views    
daily-wrap-with-gary-franchi-05-26-18 56:04

Daily Wrap With Gary Franchi 05-26-18

19 hours ago     35 Views    
sick-judge-just-ruled-against-trump-giving-anyone-who-wants-to-attack-him-one-major-power 05:28

Sick Judge Just Ruled Against Trump Giving An...

20 hours ago     233 Views    
president-trump-detours-from-marine-one-runs-over-to-shake-hands-with-police-officers 04:02

President Trump Detours from Marine One, Runs...

1 day ago     91 Views    
barack-obama-tells-stockholm-audience-we-do-not-surveil-our-own-people 04:17

Barack Obama Tells Stockholm Audience “We Do ...

1 day ago     163 Views    
daily-wrap-with-gary-franchi-05-25-18 52:02

Daily Wrap With Gary Franchi 05-25-18

1 day ago     79 Views    
desperation-schumer-just-made-the-lamest-argument-against-trump-s-tax-cuts-ever 04:57

DESPERATION: Schumer Just Made the Lamest Arg...

2 days ago     126 Views    
sad-news-despite-booming-trump-economy-sears-makes-announcement-that-will-affect-thousands 05:52

SAD NEWS! Despite BOOMING Trump Economy Sears...

2 days ago     119 Views    
worse-than-hillary-what-biden-just-called-all-trump-supporters-is-absolutely-deplorable 04:42

WORSE THAN HILLARY! What Biden Just Called AL...

2 days ago     50 Views    
damn-president-trump-just-knocked-out-obama-on-live-tv-then-obama-fired-back 05:15

DAMN! President Trump Just KNOCKED OUT Obama ...

2 days ago     214 Views    
boom-trump-and-rnc-going-after-zuckerberg-for-what-they-did-to-conservatives-all-over-america 13:30

BOOM! Trump and RNC Going After Zuckerberg Fo...

2 days ago     50 Views    
haha-cnn-becomes-laughing-stock-of-cable-tv-after-latest-numbers-show-how-far-they-have-fallen 05:03

HAHA!! CNN Becomes LAUGHING STOCK of Cable TV...

2 days ago     128 Views    
trump-smackdown-this-reporter-forever-regrets-asking-president-trump-this-one-question 04:10

TRUMP SMACKDOWN! This Reporter FOREVER Regret...

2 days ago     102 Views    
haha-cnn-throws-temper-tantrum-after-trump-revokes-their-access 07:10

HAHA! CNN Throws Temper Tantrum After Trump R...

2 days ago     50 Views    
gingrich-just-turned-to-the-camera-with-7-words-that-obama-s-deep-state-rats-never-wanted-to-hear 04:09

Gingrich Just Turned to the Camera with 7 Wor...

2 days ago     196 Views    
daily-wrap-with-gary-franchi-05-24-18 1:00:26

Daily Wrap With Gary Franchi 05-24-18

2 days ago     86 Views    
boom-a-federal-judge-just-denied-robert-mueller-nice-try-sucka 03:27

BOOM! A Federal Judge Just DENIED Robert Muel...

2 days ago     165 Views    
yes-trump-applauds-nfl-for-anthem-rule-then-crushes-kneelers-with-5-fatal-words-libs-will-hate 04:22

YES! Trump Applauds NFL For Anthem Rule, Then...

3 days ago     67 Views    
it-s-war-after-facebook-silences-major-conservative-voices-gop-leaders-finally-take-action 08:41

IT’S WAR! After Facebook SILENCES Major Conse...

3 days ago     84 Views    


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