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next-news-week-in-review-01-21-18 4:20:29

Next News Week In Review - 01/21/18

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amazon-narrows-it-down-to-20-did-your-city-make-the-cut 06:50

Amazon Narrows it Down to 20 - Did YOUR City ...

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christians-score-big-win-as-trump-overhauls-dhhs-in-major-way-with-epic-new-proposal 05:28

Christians Score Big Win as Trump Overhauls D...

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msnbc-host-forced-to-apologize-after-falsely-accusing-conservative-writer-david-french 07:36

MSNBC Host Forced To Apologize After FALSELY ...

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daily-wrap-with-gary-franchi-01-20-18 36:02

Daily Wrap with Gary Franchi - 01/20/18

2 days ago     50 Views    
surprise-trump-keeps-promise-united-nations-jew-haters-furious 07:09

SURPRISE! Trump Keeps Promise, United Nations...

2 days ago     48 Views    
player-who-refused-to-kneel-for-anthem-drops-incredible-statement-about-jesus-after-winning-play 06:19

Player Who Refused to Kneel for Anthem Drops ...

2 days ago     50 Views    
mic-drop-watch-as-this-gop-rep-goes-on-live-tv-and-shreds-democrats-to-pieces 06:56

MIC DROP! WATCH as this GOP Rep Goes on LIVE ...

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sarah-sanders-pounds-pelosi-into-the-dirt-following-apple-s-huge-bonus-announcement 05:53

Sarah Sanders POUNDS Pelosi Into the Dirt Fol...

2 days ago     50 Views    
daily-wrap-with-gary-franchi-01-19-18 33:19

Daily Wrap with Gary Franchi - 01/19/18

3 days ago     50 Views    
after-employees-receive-1-000-bonus-check-they-realize-amazing-reason-after-looking-at-memo-line 05:12

After Employees Receive $1,000 Bonus Check, T...

3 days ago     47 Views    
rand-to-the-rescue-reveals-what-trump-did-to-haiti-that-will-blow-your-mind 06:02

Rand to the RESCUE! Reveals What Trump Did to...

3 days ago     50 Views    
after-writing-bible-study-this-black-fire-chief-becomes-latest-victim-of-social-justice-warriors 07:00

After Writing BIBLE STUDY This Black FIRE Chi...

3 days ago     56 Views    
beast-mode-don-jr-reacts-to-fisa-memo-drops-3-savage-words-on-top-dem-adam-schiff-releasethememo 07:16

BEAST MODE! Don Jr Reacts to FISA Memo Drops ...

3 days ago     50 Views    
dems-scrambling-as-fisa-memo-firestorm-burns-down-their-entire-house-of-lies-releasethememo 05:28


3 days ago     50 Views    
confirmed-obama-doj-used-info-from-steele-dossier-to-spy-on-trump-campaign 06:28

CONFIRMED: Obama DOJ Used Info From Steele Do...

3 days ago     18 Views    
robert-mueller-just-got-served-6-career-ending-words-about-the-fisa-memo-on-live-tv-releasethememo 05:22

Robert Mueller Just Got Served 6 CAREER ENDIN...

3 days ago     43 Views    
prison-obama-doj-fbi-horrified-after-rep-goes-public-with-what-he-saw-in-fisa-memo-releasethememo 05:40


3 days ago     50 Views    
after-seeing-the-appalling-fisa-memo-this-rep-drops-9-shocking-words-on-congress-releasethememo 06:21

After Seeing the APPALLING FISA Memo this Rep...

3 days ago     50 Views    
congress-horrified-stunned-by-fisa-memo-rep-drops-6-words-on-tv-and-rocks-dc-releasethememo 05:45

Congress HORRIFIED, STUNNED by FISA Memo, Rep...

3 days ago     146 Views    


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