Jim Beckwith

mcconnell-says-no-deal 12:47

McConnell Says No Deal!!

1 day ago     24 Views    
nsa-deleted-all-the-data 11:14

NSA Deleted All the Data!

1 day ago     44 Views    
new-poll-is-not-looking-good-for-democrats-they-better-end-the-shutdown-now 11:05

New Poll is not looking good for Democrats T...

1 day ago     34 Views    
he-s-demanding-answers-from-the-fbi 12:06

He's Demanding Answers From The FBI!

1 day ago     41 Views    
schumer-s-finally-ready-to-talk-mcconnell 12:04

Schumer's Finally Ready To Talk McConnell!

1 day ago     37 Views    
he-s-demanding-a-second-special-counsel 10:25

He's Demanding A Second Special Counsel!

1 day ago     45 Views    
fbi-loses-five-months-worth-of-peter-strzok-text-message-cites-mystery-glitch 10:28

FBI Loses Five Months Worth Of Peter Strzok T...

1 day ago     38 Views    
diamond-and-silk-destroys-the-schumer-shutdown 11:37

Diamond and Silk destroys the Schumer Shutdown

1 day ago     44 Views    
boom-they-caught-schumer-again 12:04

BOOM!! They Caught Schumer Again!

1 day ago     50 Views    
democratic-senator-just-said-it-will-be-the-end-of-the-senate 11:48

Democratic Senator Just Said It Will Be the E...

1 day ago     50 Views    
breaking-germany-shuts-it-down 09:54

BREAKING: Germany Shuts It Down!

1 day ago     50 Views    
african-american-mom-and-veteran-just-said-it-all 09:56

African American Mom and Veteran Just Said It...

1 day ago     38 Views    
trump-s-campaign-ad-just-went-platinum 13:27

Trump’s Campaign Ad Just Went Platinum!

1 day ago     74 Views    
breaking-hotel-shootout-leaves-40-dead 12:09

BREAKING: Hotel Shootout Leaves 40 Dead!

1 day ago     50 Views    
obama-mocked-trump-s-political-ambitions-but-check-out-what-trump-has-done-to-obama-s-legacy 11:46

Obama Mocked Trump's Political Ambitions Bu...

1 day ago     47 Views    
paul-ryan-just-spit-fire-speaking-in-tongues 19:32

Paul Ryan Just Spit Fire- Speaking in Tongues

1 day ago     50 Views    
breaking-republicans-have-four-easy-ways-to-releasethememo-and-the-evidence-for-it 12:26

BREAKING: Republicans Have Four Easy Ways to ...

1 day ago     46 Views    
look-who-crashed-the-right-wing-event 10:39

Look Who Crashed The Right Wing Event!

1 day ago     50 Views    
he-got-paid-to-keep-quiet-about-de-blasio 11:31

He Got Paid to Keep Quiet About De Blasio!

1 day ago     29 Views    
fox-news-drops-several-flashbacks-exposing-dems-on-their-hypocrisy 11:16

Fox News Drops Several Flashbacks Exposing De...

1 day ago     50 Views    


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