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greatest-sports-bloopers-2017-part-1-funny 10:24

Greatest Sports Bloopers 2017 | Part 1 (funny)

1 day ago     157,668 Views    
nfl-best-body-slam-tackles 10:07

NFL Best “Body Slam” Tackles

2 days ago     124,061 Views    
nfl-craziest-catches-of-all-time 13:01

NFL Craziest Catches of All-Time

6 days ago     108,777 Views    
craziest-trick-play-formations-in-football-history 10:27

Craziest Trick Play Formations in Football Hi...

1 week ago     83,045 Views    
greatest-juke-from-every-nfl-team 18:31

Greatest Juke From Every NFL Team

2 weeks ago     101,098 Views    
nfl-wildcat-trick-plays 07:19

NFL Wildcat Trick Plays

2 weeks ago     101,166 Views    
nfl-most-savage-celebrations 06:05

NFL Most Savage Celebrations

3 weeks ago     850,159 Views    
greatest-trick-play-from-every-nfl-team 20:00

Greatest Trick Play From Every NFL Team

3 weeks ago     250,306 Views    
nfl-game-losing-penalties 11:46

NFL Game-Losing Penalties

3 weeks ago     238,648 Views    
greatest-catch-from-every-nfl-team-1 18:14

Greatest Catch From Every NFL Team [1]

3 weeks ago     140,974 Views    
nfl-strangest-most-unusual-plays-of-all-time 09:25

NFL Strangest/Most Unusual Plays of All-Time

3 weeks ago     108,939 Views    
nfl-best-improvised-plays 06:54

NFL Best "Improvised" Plays

1 month ago     167,840 Views    
the-best-celebrations-in-nfl-football-history 10:37

The Best Celebrations in NFL Football History

1 month ago     90,152 Views    
nfl-biggest-best-blocks-ever 09:24

NFL Biggest/Best Blocks Ever

1 month ago     181,780 Views    
nfl-worst-throws-of-all-time 09:35

NFL Worst Throws of All-Time

1 month ago     109,815 Views    
nfl-records-the-longest-plays-in-history 11:50

NFL Records - The Longest Plays in History

1 month ago     84,837 Views    
nfl-all-for-nothing-plays 07:46

NFL "All For Nothing" Plays

1 month ago     453,042 Views    
nfl-best-funniest-referee-moments 07:55

NFL Best/Funniest Referee Moments

1 month ago     417,510 Views    
nfl-biggest-knockout-hits-ever-brutal-hits 14:11

NFL Biggest Knockout Hits Ever (Brutal Hits)

1 month ago     240,455 Views    
nfl-trick-shot-plays 09:46

NFL "Trick-shot" Plays

1 month ago     131,480 Views    


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