wandering jimmy

fried-or-steamed-fun-times-down-on-the-docks 10:03

Fried or steamed? Fun times down on the docks.

1 week ago     17 Views    
the-tribe-welcomes-back-an-old-friend-and-checks-out-tide-pools 14:47

The tribe welcomes back an old friend and che...

1 week ago     22 Views    
will-kelly-and-sophie-travel-with-the-tribe-again 14:04

Will Kelly and Sophie travel with the tribe a...

1 week ago     13 Views    
finally-arrived-and-it-feels-so-good 10:28

Finally arrived and it feels so good!

1 week ago     19 Views    
earthquake-fire-bats-and-a-moomoo-dancers-and-tubers-getting-closer-to-the-pacific 13:29

Earthquake, Fire, Bats and a MooMoo! Dancers ...

2 weeks ago     14 Views    
i-m-in-love 10:53

I'm in love.

2 weeks ago     26 Views    
bug-friends-and-finding-ausia 12:08

Bug friends and finding Ausia

2 weeks ago     13 Views    
a-beautiful-hike-after-a-long-travel-day 16:19

A beautiful hike after a long travel day

3 weeks ago     13 Views    
how-to-throw-together-a-meal-in-a-van 14:38

How to throw together a meal in a van.

3 weeks ago     20 Views    
my-grandma-little-america-wy-and-dead-penguins 15:42

My Grandma, Little America, WY and Dead Penguins

3 weeks ago     29 Views    
11-people-7-rigs-3-dogs-1-nomadic-family 14:34

11 people, 7 Rigs, 3 Dogs = 1 Nomadic Family

3 weeks ago     27 Views    
a-car-went-over-the-cliff-and-a-successful-hunt-for-wild-horses 16:42

A car went over the cliff and a successful hu...

3 weeks ago     25 Views    
the-group-separates-i-search-for-wild-horses 12:37

The group separates. I search for wild horses!

4 weeks ago     35 Views    
a-cultural-experience 14:39

A Cultural Experience.

4 weeks ago     16 Views    
vanlife-cooking-simple-lowcarb-meal 13:54

VanLife Cooking, Simple LowCarb Meal

1 month ago     23 Views    
awesome-free-boondocking-on-the-most-beautiful-lake-in-utah 09:01

Awesome Free Boondocking on the Most beautifu...

1 month ago     10 Views    
a-single-woman-created-a-self-sufficient-homestead 14:27

A single woman created a self-sufficient home...

1 month ago     22 Views    
leaving-smoky-colorado-behind-see-ya 12:01

Leaving Smoky Colorado behind. See ya!

1 month ago     16 Views    
free-showers-and-dinosaurs 09:47

Free showers and dinosaurs!

1 month ago     15 Views    
exploding-cans-weird-clouds-hotdog-riders 10:02

Exploding Cans, Weird Clouds, HotDog Riders!

1 month ago     19 Views    


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