Simply Nailogical

diy-maple-taffy-on-a-stick-is-canada-even-real 13:23

DIY Maple Taffy on a Stick (is Canada even re...

1 week ago     310,482 Views    
reacting-to-my-first-video-try-not-to-cringe-compilation 15:30

Reacting to My First Video (try not to cringe...

2 weeks ago     846,690 Views    
what-s-in-my-peely-bag-re-creating-5-of-my-nail-peelies-2017-year-in-review 16:44

What's in my Peely Bag? (Re-creating 5 of my ...

3 weeks ago     484,966 Views    
diy-snowglobe-nails-i-built-a-snowman-on-my-nail 10:05

DIY Snowglobe Nails (I built a snowman on my ...

1 month ago     432,996 Views    
mixing-all-my-nail-powders-together-for-sale-if-u-keep-it-on-the-dl 13:12

Mixing All My Nail Powders Together (for sale...

1 month ago     412,117 Views    
testing-nail-products-from-wish-nails-remove-toes-hollow-nail-polish-peel-off-nails-wish-buy-now 17:13

Testing Nail Products from Wish Nails Remove ...

1 month ago     1,076,928 Views    
magic-magnetic-nail-polish-maybe-don-t-wear-metal 11:03

Magic MAGNETIC Nail Polish?! (maybe don't we...

1 month ago     770,096 Views    
my-dad-paints-my-nails-he-doesn-t-know-what-youtube-is 12:12

My Dad Paints My Nails (he doesn't know what ...

1 month ago     1,263,919 Views    
putting-cake-glitter-on-nails-edible-diamond-cappuccino-exposed 12:16

Putting CAKE GLITTER on NAILS? (+ "edible" Di...

1 month ago     679,981 Views    
drug-store-nail-powders-fail-what-the-sally-hansen 16:05

Drug Store Nail Powders FAIL (what the Sally ...

2 months ago     620,480 Views    
holo-cappuccino-diy-diamond-cappuccino-test-maybe-don-t-drink-this 15:57

HOLO CAPPUCCINO | DIY "Diamond Cappuccino" te...

2 months ago     974,823 Views    
will-it-watermarble-sister-edition-watermarbling-9-random-objects-in-nail-polish 13:49

Will It Watermarble?! Sister Edition | Waterm...

2 months ago     362,901 Views    
buying-holographic-things-from-wish-things-holo-buy-wish-womens-sale-holo-things-free-wish 15:49

Buying Holographic Things From Wish Things Ho...

2 months ago     455,336 Views    
testing-dumb-nail-hacks-simplynailogical-torture 15:49

Testing DUMB Nail Hacks (SimplyNailogical tor...

2 months ago     290,125 Views    
diy-ouija-nail-art-not-clickbait-actual-nail-art-emergency 09:24

DIY OUIJA NAIL ART *not clickbait* *actual na...

3 months ago     593,001 Views    
baby-ghost-caught-on-camera-my-first-time-ouija-3am-haunted-paranormal-activity-challenge-scary 12:56


3 months ago     883,147 Views    
i-m-holo-inside-holographic-scar-makeup-ft-glam 08:54

I'M HOLO INSIDE! Holographic scar makeup ft. ...

3 months ago     194,129 Views    
dressing-up-my-cats-in-holoween-costumes 10:46

Dressing up my Cats in Holoween Costumes

3 months ago     793,718 Views    
help-me-contour-teach-me-how-to-beauty-tour-ep3-ft-nicol-concilio 12:02

HELP ME CONTOUR | Teach Me How To Beauty Tour...

3 months ago     1,029,904 Views    
i-put-youtubers-on-my-nails-and-they-all-saw 11:28

I put YouTubers on my nails and they all saw

3 months ago     666,489 Views    


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