whoa-huge-cracks-almost-swallow-up-home-in-hawaii-as-volcanic-activity-increases 01:45

Whoa! Huge Cracks Almost Swallow Up Home In H...

6 hours ago     404 Views    
holy-grail-of-shipwrecks-with-up-to-17-billion-in-treasure-found-by-robot-submarine 03:44

"Holy Grail of Shipwrecks" With Up to $17 Bil...

9 hours ago     330 Views    
us-government-employee-suffers-brain-injury-after-hearing-abnormal-sound-in-china 03:31

US Government Employee Suffers Brain Injury ...

1 day ago     49 Views    
pilots-eject-safely-as-t-38-trainer-crashes-in-mississippi 01:59

Pilots Eject Safely As T-38 Trainer Crashes i...

1 day ago     50 Views    
what-is-really-going-on 02:15

What Is Really Going On?

3 days ago     202 Views    
turkey-repatriates-all-gold-from-the-us-in-attempt-to-ditch-the-dollar 04:01

Turkey Repatriates ALL GOLD From The US In At...

4 days ago     48 Views    
military-munitions-go-missing-us-air-force-offering-5k-reward 02:53

Military Munitions Go Missing! US Air Force O...

4 days ago     48 Views    
trade-war-between-us-china-is-on-hold 02:39

Trade War Between US & China Is "On Hold"

4 days ago     289 Views    
kilauea-laze-among-new-dangers-to-hawaii-s-big-island-this-week 02:47

Kilauea: Laze Among New Dangers to Hawaii's B...

4 days ago     48 Views    
underground-world-news-live-5-18-18 1:25:31


6 days ago     4,142 Views    
american-airlines-flight-1334-crashes-after-takeoff-from-airport-in-cuba 01:19

American Airlines Flight 1334 Crashes After T...

6 days ago     303 Views    
trump-warns-kim-jong-un-to-make-deal-or-suffer-same-fate-as-gaddafi 03:06

Trump Warns Kim Jong-un to Make Deal or Suffe...

6 days ago     50 Views    
lost-city-mystery-solved-as-archaeologists-decipher-ancient-stone-tablets 03:10

Lost City Mystery Solved As Archaeologists De...

1 week ago     97 Views    
black-walnut-trees-discovering-the-value-age-and-survival-tactics 13:01

Black Walnut Trees: Discovering the Value, Ag...

1 week ago     50 Views    
parts-of-hawaii-covered-in-ash-after-volcano-spews-massive-ash-plume-30-000-feet-into-air 01:45

Parts of Hawaii Covered In Ash After Volcano ...

1 week ago     47 Views    
what-you-need-to-know-about-surviving-a-long-term-lights-out-event-dark-sky 15:01

What You Need to Know About Surviving a Long-...

1 week ago     113 Views    
the-un-quietly-pushes-international-gun-control 04:21

The UN Quietly Pushes International Gun Control

1 week ago     284 Views    
hawaii-volcano-hit-by-more-earthquakes-threatens-nearby-air-traffic 02:02

Hawaii Volcano Hit by More Earthquakes, Threa...

1 week ago     159 Views    
an-asteroid-the-size-of-the-statue-of-liberty-will-whiz-past-earth-tomorrow 02:14

An Asteroid the Size of The Statue of Liberty...

1 week ago     352 Views    
dna-of-every-baby-born-in-california-is-stored-look-at-who-has-access-to-it 02:30

DNA of Every Baby Born In California Is Store...

1 week ago     44 Views    


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