Steve Harvey

last-laugh-this-is-the-worst-half-court-shot-ever-taken 01:23

Last Laugh: This Is The Worst Half-Court Shot...

4 days ago     4 Views    
6-year-old-lylah-and-her-dad-turned-their-living-room-into-american-ninja-warrior 04:49

6-Year-Old Lylah And Her Dad Turned Their Liv...

4 days ago     4 Views    
this-guy-sounds-like-the-worst-roommate-ever 05:51

This Guy Sounds Like The Worst Roommate Ever

4 days ago     9 Views    
people-are-using-this-model-s-photos-to-catfish-on-the-internet 05:05

People Are Using This Model's Photos To Catfi...

4 days ago     11 Views    
hey-steve-can-you-give-me-some-modeling-tips 01:44

Hey Steve: Can You Give Me Some Modeling Tips?

4 days ago     3 Views    
former-family-feud-contestants-are-back 02:30

Former 'Family Feud' Contestants Are Back

4 days ago     1 Views    
these-cornbread-crab-cakes-are-the-ultimate-soul-food 04:30

These Cornbread Crab Cakes Are The Ultimate S...

5 days ago     5 Views    
kick-off-summer-with-this-morning-save-deal 06:13

Kick Off Summer With This Morning Save Deal

5 days ago     19 Views    
you-ve-probably-never-cooked-a-chicken-this-way-before 05:02

You've Probably Never Cooked A Chicken This W...

6 days ago     10 Views    
these-men-founded-a-school-based-on-what-kids-actually-want 06:28

These Men Founded A School Based On What Kids...

6 days ago     57 Views    
find-out-who-won-ione-over 05:07

Find Out Who Won Ione Over

6 days ago     22 Views    
this-entrepreneur-is-looking-for-the-one 06:54

This Entrepreneur Is Looking For 'The One'

6 days ago     1 Views    
hey-steve-i-told-one-lie-and-my-friends-won-t-let-me-forget-it 04:28

Hey Steve: I Told One Lie And My Friends Won'...

6 days ago     5 Views    
ikea-has-a-new-line-of-suits-that-look-like-furniture 03:20

Ikea Has A New Line Of Suits That Look Like F...

6 days ago     2 Views    
how-much-should-you-change-for-your-partner 04:50

How Much Should You Change For Your Partner?

6 days ago     78 Views    
steve-harvey-breaks-down-the-stages-of-divorce 04:16

Steve Harvey Breaks Down The Stages Of Divorce

6 days ago     50 Views    
steve-harvey-sings-relationship-advice-to-an-audience-member 06:55

Steve Harvey Sings Relationship Advice To An ...

6 days ago     5 Views    
only-full-grown-adults-stop-doing-these-things 03:26

Only Full Grown Adults Stop Doing These Things

6 days ago     6 Views    
twins-play-harvey-s-hundreds 02:12

Twins Play 'Harvey's Hundreds'

6 days ago     3 Views    
young-woman-gets-her-life-back-together-after-the-death-of-her-father 05:48

Young Woman Gets her Life Back Together After...

6 days ago     118 Views    


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