diy-insane-saran-wrap-weapons 10:18

DIY Insane Saran Wrap Weapons!

18 hours ago     69,523 Views    
painting-with-spray-paint-explosions 10:07

Painting With Spray Paint Explosions!

2 days ago     40 Views    
dropping-things-onto-a-spear 10:12

Dropping Things onto a SPEAR?

1 week ago     1,848 Views    
destroying-unbreakable-truck 10:50

Destroying Unbreakable Truck?

1 week ago     151,612 Views    
deadly-dart-board-challenge-ft-team-edge 12:39

Deadly Dart Board Challenge (ft. Team Edge)

1 week ago     195,160 Views    
exploding-paint-thrown-into-lawn-mower 10:03

Exploding Paint Thrown Into Lawn Mower!

2 weeks ago     335 Views    
diy-giant-lego-weapons 10:04

DIY Giant LEGO Weapons!

2 weeks ago     77,547 Views    
exploding-giant-wubble-bubbles 07:07

Exploding GIANT Wubble Bubbles!

2 weeks ago     247 Views    
dry-ice-destruction 10:44

Dry Ice Destruction!

3 weeks ago     124,337 Views    
giant-starburst-weapons-vs-fruit 10:38

Giant STARBURST Weapons VS. Fruit!

3 weeks ago     2,483 Views    
shooting-rolex-out-of-potato-cannon 10:30

Shooting ROLEX Out Of Potato Cannon!

4 weeks ago     162,790 Views    
glass-table-vs-bowling-ball 10:37

Glass Table VS. Bowling Ball!

1 month ago     151,725 Views    
jake-paul-merch-destruction 10:07

Jake Paul Merch Destruction!

1 month ago     500 Views    
diy-build-your-weapon 13:28

DIY Build Your Weapon!

1 month ago     164,946 Views    
bacon-soda-vat19-destruction 10:35

Bacon Soda?! (Vat19 Destruction)

1 month ago     89,638 Views    
15-ways-to-destroy-a-lamp 10:30

15 Ways to Destroy A Lamp!

1 month ago     111,287 Views    
breaking-things-with-gravity 10:09

Breaking Things With Gravity?

1 month ago     17,410 Views    
throwing-giant-candy-into-fan 10:10

Throwing Giant Candy Into Fan!

1 month ago     99,561 Views    
potato-cannon-vs-iphone 10:16

Potato Cannon VS. iPhone!

1 month ago     93,433 Views    
how-many-items-can-we-break-in-10-minutes 10:16

How Many Items Can We Break in 10 Minutes?

2 months ago     135,126 Views    


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