ninja-eliminates-drlupo-s-nicest-stream-sniper-ever-cdns-craziest-squad-clutch 10:31

Ninja Eliminates DrLupo's Nicest Stream Snipe...

16 hours ago     237,293 Views    
myth-reacts-to-tfue-s-insanely-broken-turbo-farm-method-break-anything-in-under-a-second 10:51

Myth Reacts To Tfue's Insanely Broken Turbo F...

2 days ago     571,946 Views    
ninja-reacts-to-the-biggest-choke-he-has-ever-seen-in-pro-scrims 10:32

Ninja Reacts To The Biggest Choke He Has Ever...

6 days ago     340,726 Views    
streamers-react-to-using-the-double-barrel-shotgun-for-the-first-time-counter-to-smg-spam 10:23

Streamers React To Using The Double Barrel Sh...

1 week ago     322,461 Views    
chance-the-rapper-tells-ninja-he-doesn-t-want-to-play-anymore-after-this-happens-in-tilted-towers 10:22

Chance The Rapper Tells Ninja He Doesn't Want...

1 week ago     506,945 Views    
ninja-explains-why-the-drum-gun-needs-to-be-removed-reacts-to-new-break-barrel-shotgun 10:36

Ninja Explains Why The Drum Gun Needs To Be R...

1 week ago     209,959 Views    
ninja-responds-to-being-called-out-in-person-tfue-is-way-better-than-you 10:15

Ninja Responds To Being Called Out In Person!...

1 week ago     179,517 Views    
ninja-confronts-the-huge-issues-with-shotguns-wants-them-fixed-shotguns-are-absolute-garbage 10:27

Ninja Confronts The Huge Issues With Shotguns...

1 week ago     294,179 Views    
ninja-reacts-to-epic-adding-jetpacks-back-into-the-game-cizzorz-insane-360-no-scope-across-map 10:18

Ninja Reacts To Epic Adding Jetpacks Back Int...

2 weeks ago     345,346 Views    
ninja-explains-what-he-thinks-will-happen-to-crack-in-the-sky-myth-discovers-slurp-juice-glitch 11:25

Ninja Explains What He Thinks Will Happen To ...

2 weeks ago     129 Views    
ninja-gives-his-opinion-on-stretched-resolution-and-why-it-s-pointless-tfue-s-weapon-swap-exploit 10:46

Ninja Gives His Opinion On Stretched Resoluti...

2 weeks ago     44 Views    
ninja-explains-why-he-doesn-t-ever-want-to-duo-with-pokimane-cdn-s-funniest-clip-ever 10:32

Ninja Explains Why He Doesn't Ever Want To Du...

2 weeks ago     192,127 Views    
ninja-makes-one-of-his-biggest-mistakes-ever-almost-cost-him-a-4-000-000-tournament 10:40

Ninja Makes One Of His Biggest Mistakes Ever ...

2 weeks ago     430 Views    
streamers-react-to-the-insane-compact-smg-nerf-tfue-makes-a-player-drop-his-gun 10:17

Streamers React To The Insane Compact SMG Ner...

2 weeks ago     216,589 Views    
ninja-finds-a-game-breaking-glitch-to-kick-your-teammates-out-of-the-game-streamers-hate-the-p90 10:19

Ninja Finds A Game Breaking Glitch To Kick Yo...

2 weeks ago     254,879 Views    
ninja-reacts-to-new-slurp-juice-buff-the-new-broken-compact-smg-this-will-be-nerfed 10:32

Ninja Reacts To New Slurp Juice Buff & The Ne...

3 weeks ago     312,399 Views    
ninja-tfue-try-to-help-a-no-skin-win-then-everything-goes-downhill-hilarious 10:43

Ninja & Tfue Try To Help A No Skin Win.. Then...

3 weeks ago     49 Views    
streamers-react-to-new-legendary-compact-smg-too-many-smgs-in-the-game-now 10:08

Streamers React To New Legendary COMPACT SMG!...

3 weeks ago     268,703 Views    
ninja-reacts-to-new-chomp-sr-skin-myth-reacts-to-fortnite-mobile-insane-build-battle 10:24

Ninja Reacts To New "Chomp SR." Skin! Myth Re...

3 weeks ago     150,690 Views    
ninja-responds-to-his-fake-death-rumors-starts-banning-everyone-for-talking-about-it 10:31

Ninja Responds To His Fake Death Rumors & Sta...

3 weeks ago     921 Views    


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