Higher Self

i-am 09:07


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shift-from-wounded-masculine-awareness-to-sacred-masculine-consciousness 06:31

Shift from Wounded Masculine Awareness to Sac...

8 hours ago     33 Views    
why-didn-t-the-event-happen-in-2012 04:40

Why Didn't The Event Happen in 2012?

11 hours ago     19 Views    
earth-angels-and-other-divine-beings-vital-mission 11:53

Earth Angels and Other Divine Beings Vital Mi...

17 hours ago     102 Views    
the-arcturian-high-council-new-system-upgrades-march-2018 16:49

The Arcturian High Council, New System Upgrad...

20 hours ago     50 Views    
6-event-articles-is-today-the-big-day 39:41

6 Event Articles, Is Today the Big Day?

23 hours ago     50 Views    
living-in-the-fourth-dimension-the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council 02:45

Living in the Fourth Dimension, The 9th Dimen...

1 day ago     39 Views    
what-do-you-do 05:18

What Do You Do?

1 day ago     34 Views    
see-with-new-eyes 03:13

See With New Eyes

1 day ago     25 Views    
akashic-field-reaches-critical-mass 03:30

Akashic Field Reaches Critical Mass

1 day ago     50 Views    
how-to-prepare-for-the-wave 09:32

How to Prepare for The Wave

1 day ago     50 Views    
solar-wind-is-rising-bringing-in-geomagnetic-storms-for-3-days 03:06

Solar Wind is Rising, Bringing in Geomagnetic...

1 day ago     50 Views    
zodiac-signs-ranked-from-the-luckiest-to-not-so-lucky 04:52

Zodiac Signs Ranked from the Luckiest to Not ...

2 days ago     168 Views    
lights-of-the-round-table-live-community-event 1:09:46

Lights of the Round Table Live Community Event

2 days ago     1,650 Views    
mike-quinsey-channeling-his-higher-self-march-16-2018 07:17

Mike Quinsey Channeling His Higher Self, Marc...

2 days ago     20 Views    
understanding-our-purpose-as-lightworkers 04:56

Understanding our Purpose as Lightworkers

3 days ago     42 Views    
horus-the-event-is-underway 02:58

Horus, The Event is Underway!

3 days ago     48 Views    
emotional-clearings-chakra-activations-highest-timeline-manifestations 06:13

Emotional Clearings, Chakra Activations, High...

3 days ago     26 Views    
pisces-new-moon-march-17-2018-astrology-forecast 05:58

Pisces New Moon March 17, 2018 Astrology Fore...

3 days ago     50 Views    
arcturian-council-message-for-light-warriors 04:40

Arcturian Council Message for Light Warriors

3 days ago     44 Views    


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