armored-bank-truck-door-vs-bullets-demo-ranch 12:12

Armored Bank Truck Door VS Bullets!!! DEMO RANCH

1 week ago     473,902 Views    
the-beowulf 19:22

The Beowulf.....

2 weeks ago     1,260,844 Views    
body-armor-of-the-future 15:10

Body Armor of the Future?!?!?

3 weeks ago     1,472,626 Views    
live-this-probably-won-t-work 55:36

LIVE: This Probably Won’t Work....

4 weeks ago     61,749 Views    
gigantic-revolver-bigger-than-the-500-magnum 15:06

Gigantic Revolver... Bigger Than the 500 MAGN...

1 month ago     5,357 Views    
the-demolitia-has-assembled-2300-rifle-giveaway 13:32

The Demolitia Has Assembled, $2300 Rifle Give...

1 month ago     2,736 Views    
owning-this-gun-is-a-felony 16:28

Owning This Gun is a Felony...

1 month ago     468,121 Views    
the-new-desert-eagle-is-amazing-here-s-why 15:03

The New Desert Eagle Is Amazing, Here's Why!!!

1 month ago     478,183 Views    
the-3-gun-showdown-with-jerry-miculek 14:22

The 3-Gun Showdown!!! with Jerry Miculek

1 month ago     696,697 Views    
this-looks-like-a-credit-card-but-it-s-way-better 14:19

This Looks Like a Credit Card..... But It’s W...

1 month ago     230,481 Views    
this-new-race-gun-will-change-everything 16:26

This New Race Gun Will Change EVERYTHING!!!

2 months ago     912,370 Views    
dual-wielding-challenge-vs-army-sniper 17:12

Dual Wielding Challenge vs Army Sniper

2 months ago     161,629 Views    
the-most-hyped-gun-of-2017 16:42

The Most Hyped Gun of 2017...

2 months ago     1,615,366 Views    
the-body-shield-does-it-work 18:21

The Body Shield, Does it Work???

3 months ago     1,160 Views    
desert-eagle-versus 04:18

Desert Eagle versus.....

3 months ago     274,195 Views    
will-a-shovel-stop-a-bullet 12:11

Will a Shovel Stop a Bullet???

3 months ago     313,616 Views    
guess-how-much-the-most-expensive-gun-at-shot-costs 12:28

Guess How Much The Most Expensive Gun At SHOT...

3 months ago     279,665 Views    
the-humvee-replacement-shot-show-2018 11:42

The Humvee Replacement....SHOT Show 2018

3 months ago     607,005 Views    
his-story-will-inspire-you 23:28

His Story Will Inspire You

3 months ago     266,116 Views    
how-powerful-is-a-crossbow 15:56

How Powerful is a Crossbow???

4 months ago     746,122 Views    


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