the-body-shield-does-it-work 18:21

The Body Shield, Does it Work???

5 days ago     1,158 Views    
desert-eagle-versus 04:18

Desert Eagle versus.....

1 week ago     274,195 Views    
will-a-shovel-stop-a-bullet 12:11

Will a Shovel Stop a Bullet???

2 weeks ago     313,616 Views    
guess-how-much-the-most-expensive-gun-at-shot-costs 12:28

Guess How Much The Most Expensive Gun At SHOT...

3 weeks ago     279,665 Views    
the-humvee-replacement-shot-show-2018 11:42

The Humvee Replacement....SHOT Show 2018

3 weeks ago     607,003 Views    
his-story-will-inspire-you 23:28

His Story Will Inspire You

3 weeks ago     266,116 Views    
how-powerful-is-a-crossbow 15:56

How Powerful is a Crossbow???

1 month ago     746,122 Views    
this-gun-is-made-out-of-carbon-fiber 14:55

This Gun is Made Out Of CARBON FIBER!!!

1 month ago     610,959 Views    
is-a-pure-silver-bar-bullet-proof-super-expensive 14:29

Is a Pure Silver Bar Bullet Proof??? Super E...

1 month ago     323,594 Views    
the-quietest-sniper-rifle-ever-and-why-the-government-doesn-t-regulate-it 12:52

The Quietest Sniper Rifle Ever... and Why The...

1 month ago     173,387 Views    
i-bought-a-cannon-this-is-legal 13:43


2 months ago     1,165,433 Views    
the-most-produced-gun-in-ww2 13:41

The Most Produced Gun in WW2

2 months ago     876,815 Views    
that-thingy-on-the-tip-front 10:52

That Thingy on The Tip Front...

2 months ago     188,611 Views    
crawling-inside-the-largest-gun-i-ve-ever-seen 27:18

Crawling Inside The Largest Gun I've Ever See...

2 months ago     921,103 Views    
bulletproof-drywall-panels-for-your-home 11:38

Bulletproof Drywall Panels for your HOME!!!

3 months ago     1,292,529 Views    
why-this-gun-could-change-everything 17:50

Why This Gun Could Change Everything...

3 months ago     1,437,993 Views    
are-airplane-windows-bulletproof 16:21

Are Airplane Windows Bulletproof???

3 months ago     240,025 Views    
canada-guns-laws-not-what-i-expected 18:38

Canada Guns Laws... Not What I Expected

3 months ago     262,904 Views    
brake-rotors-vs-the-50cal 12:31

Brake Rotors vs the 50cal...

3 months ago     365,768 Views    
shooting-10-arrows-at-once 12:55

Shooting 10 Arrows at Once...

4 months ago     785,056 Views    


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