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citizens-speak-about-seattle-s-new-proposed-anti-business-tax-head-tax-forcing-amazon-out 01:26

Citizens Speak About Seattle’s New Proposed A...

3 days ago     20 Views    
remember-when-obama-sent-iran-a-big-ol-pallet-of-cash-for-a-garbage-deal-pepperidge-farm-remembers 00:46

Remember When Obama Sent Iran A Big Ol Pallet...

1 week ago     23 Views    
thousands-attend-washington-state-capitol-2ndamendment-marchforourrights-rally 04:26

Thousands Attend Washington State Capitol #2n...

4 weeks ago     27 Views    
barton-asks-zuckerberg-about-censoring-conservatives-like-diamond-and-silk 01:32

Barton Asks Zuckerberg About Censoring Conser...

1 month ago     23 Views    
david-hogg-admits-he-wasn-t-at-parkland-at-time-of-shooting-and-emma-gonzales-shows-her-true-colors 00:51

David Hogg Admits He Wasn’t At Parkland At Ti...

1 month ago     49 Views    
ben-shapiro-handily-explains-how-the-parties-never-switched 01:30

Ben Shapiro Handily Explains How The Parties ...

2 months ago     28 Views    
students-at-nashville-high-school-rip-down-american-flag-during-anti-gun-school-walkouts 00:10

Students At Nashville High School Rip Down Am...

2 months ago     25 Views    
student-admits-to-bullying-florida-school-gunman-and-says-she-was-justified-in-doing-so 00:19

Student Admits To Bullying Florida School Gun...

2 months ago     50 Views    
people-showing-love-at-oregon-flag-wave 00:41

People showing love at Oregon flag wave

2 months ago     13 Views    
no-trump-hating-liberals-you-can-t-cry-victim-when-you-were-the-one-who-started-the-fight 04:09

No Trump Hating Liberals, You Can't Cry Victi...

2 months ago     25 Views    
british-mep-dan-hannan-explains-why-antifascists-and-fascists-are-the-exact-same-people 02:01

British MEP Dan Hannan Explains Why AntiFasci...

2 months ago     4 Views    
i-get-called-a-racist-for-asking-if-kuwait-is-racist-for-having-same-travel-ban-that-we-do 00:56

I Get Called A Racist For Asking If Kuwait Is...

2 months ago     24 Views    
portland-antifa-leader-tries-to-pick-fights-as-pro-refugee-ban-patriots-try-to-leave-rally-at-pdx 11:30

Portland AntiFa Leader Tries To Pick Fights A...

2 months ago     19 Views    
triggered-liberals-lose-their-minds-with-hell-shaking-street-preachers-trolling-refugee-rally-in-pdx 14:55

Triggered Liberals Lose Their Minds With Hell...

2 months ago     15 Views    
libs-can-t-answer-questions-as-i-expose-their-virtue-signaling-hypocrisy-about-refugee-ban 04:15

Libs Can't Answer Questions As I Expose Their...

2 months ago     3 Views    
arab-girl-red-pilled-on-refugee-ban-in-pdx-conversation-works 23:01

Arab Girl Red Pilled On Refugee Ban In PDX - ...

2 months ago     13 Views    
liberals-try-to-give-speeches-while-hell-shaking-street-preachers-crash-pro-refugee-event-at-pdx 18:48

Liberals Try To Give Speeches While Hell Shak...

2 months ago     5 Views    
leftists-use-muslim-kids-to-sing-and-dance-to-promote-refugee-acceptance-in-pdx-rally 05:18

Leftists Use Muslim Kids To Sing And Dance To...

2 months ago     3 Views    
hell-shaking-street-preachers-crash-pro-refugee-protest-at-pdx 13:36

Hell Shaking Street Preachers Crash Pro Refug...

2 months ago     6 Views    
chick-hits-me-while-debating-the-necessity-of-pph-1st-amendment-before-fight-breaks-out 15:16

Chick Hits Me While Debating The Necessity Of...

2 months ago     6 Views    


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