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what-is-the-relevance-of-q-the-answer-will-change-lives-help-spread 11:03

What Is the Relevance of Q? The Answer Will C...

1 week ago     51,367 Views    
what-does-panic-look-like-we-are-seeing-this-now 33:32

What Does Panic Look Like? We Are Seeing Thi...

1 week ago     308 Views    
msm-lies-fake-news-usher-in-new-era-enemy-identified 26:53

MSM Lies, Fake News Usher In New Era- Enemy I...

1 week ago     256 Views    
the-anti-q-planned-war-is-now-all-activated-past-24hrs 29:10

The Anti-Q Planned War is Now "All activated ...

1 week ago     170 Views    
sara-sanders-responds-to-q-anon-question-brilliant 20:47

Sara Sanders Responds to "Q Anon" Question- B...

1 week ago     50 Views    
boom-trump-points-to-q-cutout-as-q-trolls-msm-w-new-hashtag 32:38

Boom!! Trump Points to Q Cutout As Q Trolls M...

2 weeks ago     96 Views    
are-the-recent-california-wildfires-staged-q-drops-shocking-details 33:02

Are the Recent California Wildfires Staged? Q...

2 weeks ago     64 Views    
new-q-bombshells-paint-disturbing-picture-signal-pain-coming 33:18

New Q Bombshells Paint Disturbing Picture- Si...

2 weeks ago     78 Views    
here-we-go-again-something-big-is-about-to-drop-7-29-18 36:30

Here We Go Again- "Something BIG is About to ...

2 weeks ago     268 Views    
q-strzok-round-2-coming-public-awareness-forces-hand 27:50

Q: Strzok Round 2 Coming! "Public Awareness F...

2 weeks ago     35 Views    
known-beforehand-q-solves-rosenstein-drama-of-past-weeks 31:37

"Known Beforehand?" Q Solves Rosenstein Drama...

2 weeks ago     49 Views    
q-what-if-uk-worked-w-hussein-admin-to-sabotage-2016-election 22:42

Q: What if UK Worked w/ Hussein Admin to Sabo...

2 weeks ago     68 Views    
silence-is-golden-q-returns-honks-at-patriots-drops-new-proofs 29:54

"Silence Is Golden"- Q Returns, Honks At Patr...

3 weeks ago     32,070 Views    
is-q-gone-for-good-this-time-taking-a-closer-look 25:04

Is Q Gone For Good This Time? Taking a Closer...

3 weeks ago     124 Views    
newly-released-docs-obama-state-dept-contributed-to-anti-trump-dossier 29:25

Newly Released Docs!! Obama State Dept Contri...

3 weeks ago     169 Views    
trump-russia-collusion-100-solved-see-full-breakdown 18:05

"Trump Russia Collusion" - 100% SOLVED- See F...

3 weeks ago     209 Views    
confirmed-historic-11-11-military-parade-on-schedule-thousands-will-march 33:36

Confirmed! Historic 11-11 Military Parade On ...

3 weeks ago     76 Views    
bizarre-jfk-jr-is-q-theory-dismantled-with-basic-logic-and-reason 29:21

Bizarre "JFK Jr is Q" Theory Dismantled With ...

3 weeks ago     120 Views    
keep-your-eye-on-the-ball-did-q-smash-it-out-of-the-park-again 36:45

"Keep Your Eye On the Ball"- Did Q Smash It O...

3 weeks ago     173 Views    
cnn-analyst-when-do-we-see-shadow-government-to-step-in 08:18

CNN Analyst: WHEN Do We See "Shadow Governmen...

4 weeks ago     189 Views    


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