dr-phil-shuts-down-interview-and-makes-guest-cry 04:59

Dr. Phil SHUTS DOWN Interview And Makes Guest...

1 day ago     24,000 Views    
dr-phil-talks-with-creepy-online-stalker 07:27

Dr. Phil Talks With Creepy Online Stalker

3 days ago     34,473 Views    
dr-phil-loses-it-with-creepy-online-stalker 07:52

Dr. Phil LOSES IT With Creepy Online Stalker

6 days ago     53 Views    
kim-kardashian-hates-danielle-bregoli 05:39

Kim Kardashian Hates Danielle Bregoli

1 week ago     10,123 Views    
dr-phil-destroys-disrespectful-21-year-old-woman 09:03

Dr. Phil Destroys Disrespectful 21 Year Old W...

1 week ago     55 Views    
jojo-siwa-tries-to-act-like-miranda-sings 05:22

JoJo Siwa Tries To Act Like Miranda Sings

1 week ago     50 Views    
supreme-patty-worse-than-boonk-gang 07:38

Supreme Patty, Worse Than Boonk Gang

1 week ago     73 Views    
danielle-bregoli-life-after-dr-phil 06:34

Danielle Bregoli, Life After Dr. Phil

2 weeks ago     50 Views    
fake-gold-digger-pranks-exposed-part-1 07:04

Fake Gold Digger Pranks Exposed | PART 1!

2 weeks ago     50 Views    
asian-lady-thinks-she-s-black 05:12

Asian Lady Thinks She's Black

2 weeks ago     57 Views    
ellen-degeneres-exposed-her-fans-on-live-tv 06:06

Ellen DeGeneres EXPOSED Her Fans On Live TV

3 weeks ago     3,703 Views    
asian-woah-vicky-tries-to-roast-me 07:15

Asian Woah Vicky Tries To Roast Me

3 weeks ago     12,358 Views    
this-video-will-change-your-mind-about-jake-paul 10:18

This Video Will Change your Mind about Jake P...

7 months ago     9 Views    
boyfriend-cheats-but-doesn-t-know-his-girlfriend-is-watching 11:02

Boyfriend Cheats BUT doesn't know his Girlfri...

7 months ago     9 Views    
jake-paul-sued-by-neighbors-team-10-house-shut-down 08:34

Jake Paul Sued by Neighbors!? TEAM 10 HOUSE S...

7 months ago     14 Views    
buzzfeed-s-most-hated-video 06:37

BuzzFeed's MOST Hated video!

7 months ago     13 Views    
the-saddest-story-you-ll-ever-hear 01:46

The Saddest Story you'll ever hear...

7 months ago     2 Views    
netneutrality-spread-the-word 04:17

#NetNeutrality SPREAD THE WORD!

7 months ago     38 Views    
the-most-disturbing-channel-on-youtube 09:51

The MOST Disturbing Channel on YouTube...

7 months ago     7 Views    
you-won-t-believe-she-s-actually-a-guy 11:01

You Won't Believe She's actually a Guy...

7 months ago     5 Views    


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