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13-year-old-boy-was-born-without-cheekbones-eye-sockets-or-ears 02:18

13-Year-Old Boy Was Born Without Cheekbones, ...

1 day ago     139,882 Views    
ben-affleck-squirms-as-stephen-colbert-grills-him-on-sexual-misconduct 00:48

Ben Affleck Squirms as Stephen Colbert Grills...

1 day ago     34,187 Views    
model-who-stole-uber-tip-jar-i-had-no-idea-people-would-see-it 01:19

Model Who Stole Uber Tip Jar: ‘I Had No Idea ...

2 days ago     66,433 Views    
are-steep-stadium-seats-dangerous 02:23

Are Steep Stadium Seats Dangerous?

2 days ago     67,850 Views    
k-9-that-took-bullet-for-partner-during-shootout-earns-purple-heart-award 00:55

K-9 That Took Bullet For Partner During Shoot...

2 days ago     25,823 Views    
hero-driver-saves-kids-from-school-bus-after-fiery-crash 01:14

Hero Driver Saves Kids From School Bus After ...

4 days ago     58,608 Views    
how-to-escape-from-quicksand-just-in-case 01:42

How to Escape From Quicksand, Just in Case

4 days ago     189,542 Views    
49ers-star-drops-to-knees-after-touchdown-for-prayer-over-lost-baby 01:29

49ers Star Drops to Knees After Touchdown For...

5 days ago     51,073 Views    
wranglers-catch-feisty-alligator-that-wandered-into-family-s-garage 00:35

Wranglers Catch Feisty Alligator That Wandere...

6 days ago     5,767 Views    
dog-with-rare-disease-eats-sitting-upright-in-a-custom-made-high-chair 01:02

Dog with Rare Disease Eats Sitting Upright in...

6 days ago     59,316 Views    
man-sobs-when-his-family-surprises-him-with-new-puppy 00:51

Man Sobs When His Family Surprises Him With N...

1 week ago     70,520 Views    
concerned-ups-driver-calls-911-after-parrot-cries-help-me 01:22

Concerned UPS Driver Calls 911 After Parrot C...

1 week ago     17,823 Views    
radio-host-criticized-for-mocking-roy-halladay-s-death-on-sports-show 01:39

Radio Host Criticized For Mocking Roy Hallada...

1 week ago     15,849 Views    
9-month-old-ring-bearer-steals-the-spotlight-as-he-sleeps-his-way-down-the-aisle 00:52

9-Month-Old Ring Bearer Steals The Spotlight ...

1 week ago     33,057 Views    
new-technology-lets-strangers-go-inside-homes-to-deliver-amazon-packages 01:34

New Technology Lets Strangers go Inside Homes...

1 week ago     14,539 Views    
how-clean-are-soft-serve-ice-cream-machines 03:01

How Clean Are Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines?

1 week ago     186,543 Views    
roy-halladay-s-269-000-plane-was-made-for-entry-level-pilots 01:45

Roy Halladay’s $269,000 Plane Was Made for En...

1 week ago     32,886 Views    
baseball-great-roy-halladay-dies-in-plane-crash 01:09

Baseball Great Roy Halladay Dies in Plane Crash

1 week ago     27,752 Views    
bride-makes-vows-to-new-stepson-and-his-mother-during-wedding-ceremony 01:07

Bride Makes Vows to New Stepson And His Mothe...

1 week ago     29,381 Views    
woman-who-caught-lost-hat-during-astros-parade-wants-to-find-its-owner 01:42

Woman Who Caught Lost Hat During Astros Parad...

1 week ago     41,210 Views    


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