i-tried-following-a-james-charles-makeup-tutorial 16:38

I Tried Following A James Charles Makeup Tuto...

3 days ago     2 Views    
making-our-favorite-soup 14:01

Making Our Favorite Soup

1 week ago     6 Views    
making-terrible-hot-glue-crafts 21:37

Making Terrible Hot Glue Crafts

2 weeks ago     1,767 Views    
giving-myself-a-90-s-hair-wrap 13:52

Giving Myself A 90's Hair Wrap

3 weeks ago     2,384 Views    
my-dogs-meet-a-cat 12:50

My Dogs Meet A Cat

1 month ago     720,250 Views    
shaving-my-face 16:03

Shaving My Face

1 month ago     1,504,432 Views    
giving-myself-tape-in-hair-extensions 15:03

Giving Myself Tape In Hair Extensions

1 month ago     470,491 Views    
recreating-the-hamster-picture 07:28

Recreating The Hamster Picture

2 months ago     160,351 Views    
taking-my-dog-to-meet-santa 09:15

Taking My Dog To Meet Santa

2 months ago     366,894 Views    
cutting-and-coloring-my-own-hair-2 14:20

Cutting and Coloring My Own Hair 2

2 months ago     473,902 Views    
i-cook-my-boyfriends-favorite-meal 16:29

I Cook My Boyfriends Favorite Meal

2 months ago     155,353 Views    
what-happened-to-my-fishies-video 47:13

What Happened To My Fishies Video

3 months ago     488,024 Views    
reacting-to-compilation-videos-of-me-2 11:29

Reacting To Compilation Videos of Me 2

3 months ago     485,563 Views    
giving-myself-a-set-of-gel-nails 15:11

Giving Myself A Set Of Gel Nails

3 months ago     207,252 Views    
my-boyfriend-cooks-my-favorite-meal 17:41

My Boyfriend Cooks My Favorite Meal

3 months ago     491,519 Views    
my-dogs-try-on-halloween-costumes 13:50

My Dogs Try On Halloween Costumes

4 months ago     462,625 Views    
bleaching-my-eyebrows 14:13

Bleaching My Eyebrows

4 months ago     380,353 Views    
i-buy-my-boyfriends-outfits 17:19

I Buy My Boyfriends Outfits

4 months ago     484,159 Views    
reacting-to-compilation-videos-of-me 19:45

Reacting To Compilation Videos of Me

4 months ago     412,388 Views    
my-dog-reviews-soap 11:40

My Dog Reviews Soap

4 months ago     477,390 Views    


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