can-indoor-plants-really-purify-the-air-depends-on-where-the-plant-is-placed-study-says-time 01:43

Can Indoor Plants Really Purify The Air? Depe...

3 days ago     3 Views    
senator-jeff-flake-likens-president-trump-s-attacks-on-media-to-josef-stalin-time 02:25

Senator Jeff Flake Likens President Trump's A...

3 days ago     3 Views    
paul-ryan-has-the-toughest-job-in-washington-avoiding-a-government-shutdown-time 00:39

Paul Ryan Has the Toughest Job in Washington:...

3 days ago     4 Views    
matt-damon-apologizes-for-comments-on-sexual-assault-i-am-really-sorry-time 01:03

Matt Damon Apologizes For Comments On Sexual ...

3 days ago     3 Views    
sarah-huckabee-sanders-holds-briefing-after-president-trump-s-recent-medical-exam-live-time 1:33:53

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Holds Briefing After P...

4 days ago     530 Views    
sexual-abuse-victims-confront-larry-nassar-in-court-little-girls-don-t-stay-little-forever-time 01:52

Sexual Abuse Victims Confront Larry Nassar In...

4 days ago     25 Views    
cory-booker-to-dhs-secretary-your-silence-and-your-amnesia-is-complicity-time 00:29

Cory Booker To DHS Secretary: 'Your Silence A...

4 days ago     7 Views    
arrest-footage-of-couple-accused-in-california-house-of-horrors-time 00:51

Arrest Footage Of Couple Accused In Californi...

4 days ago     6 Views    
a-man-ruptured-his-throat-trying-to-hold-back-a-big-sneeze-medical-journal-reports-time 00:44

A Man Ruptured His Throat Trying To Hold Back...

4 days ago     3 Views    
temperatures-plunged-to-88-6-f-in-parts-of-russia-here-s-what-that-looks-like-time 00:49

Temperatures Plunged To -88.6°F In Parts Of R...

4 days ago     6 Views    
switzerland-is-making-it-illegal-to-boil-live-lobsters-law-set-to-be-enacted-in-march-2018-time 01:16

Switzerland Is Making It Illegal To Boil Live...

4 days ago     3 Views    
ron-burgundy-just-stole-the-show-at-the-australian-open-by-trolling-roger-federer-time 01:23

Ron Burgundy Just Stole The Show At The Austr...

4 days ago     50 Views    
thirteen-siblings-have-been-found-malnourished-and-shackled-to-beds-in-a-california-home-time 01:09

Thirteen Siblings Have Been Found Malnourishe...

4 days ago     31 Views    
dunkin-without-the-donuts-a-new-store-tries-out-new-name-as-part-of-rebranding-time 00:33

Dunkin' Without The 'Donuts': A New Store Tri...

4 days ago     2 Views    
video-shows-firefighter-catching-child-tossed-from-burning-building-in-georgia-time 00:23

Video Shows Firefighter Catching Child Tossed...

4 days ago     4 Views    
6-year-old-florida-boy-dies-of-rabies-after-getting-scratched-by-a-bat-time 00:40

6-Year-Old Florida Boy Dies Of Rabies After G...

4 days ago     10 Views    
texas-father-charged-in-murder-of-3-year-old-adopted-orphan-sherin-mathews-time 00:57

Texas Father Charged In Murder Of 3-Year-Old ...

1 week ago     24 Views    
cyberbullying-blamed-for-australian-child-model-s-suicide-hundreds-grieve-for-dolly-everett-time 00:45

Cyberbullying Blamed For Australian Child Mod...

1 week ago     50 Views    
responses-to-president-donald-trump-s-shithole-countries-comment-time 01:43

Responses To President Donald Trump's 'Shitho...

1 week ago     6 Views    
president-trump-definitely-said-shithole-countries-senator-dick-durbin-confirms-time 02:10

President Trump Definitely Said ‘Shithole Cou...

1 week ago     57 Views    


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