roota-and-the-grand-canyon-gold-bix-weir 51:01

Roota and the Grand Canyon Gold!! (Bix Weir)

5 days ago     2,441 Views    
um-are-gold-btc-core-stores-of-value-in-a-sound-currency-system-bix-weir 12:51

Um...Are Gold/BTC Core "Stores of Value" in a...

1 week ago     5,217 Views    
bitcoin-vs-gold-as-money-bix-weir 18:30

Bitcoin vs Gold as Money! (Bix Weir)

2 weeks ago     6,329 Views    
sex-and-the-city-d-c-style-bix-weir 09:55

Sex and the City.. D. C. Style! (Bix Weir)

3 weeks ago     7,204 Views    
alert-bitcoin-alt-coin-mega-slosh-approaches-bix-weir 11:51

ALERT! Bitcoin/Alt-coin "MEGA-SLOSH" Approach...

1 month ago     16,494 Views    
silver-rats-are-running-for-the-exit-bix-weir 12:01

Silver Rats are Running for the Exit! (Bix Weir)

1 month ago     14,705 Views    
3-amigos-project-camelot-grand-canyon-gold-bix-weir 22:22

3 Amigos, Project Camelot & Grand Canyon Gold...

1 month ago     3,508 Views    
great-news-fires-controlled-gold-in-grand-canyon-snippy-is-freed-bix-weir 11:22

Great News: Fires Controlled, Gold in Grand C...

1 month ago     5,456 Views    
danger-behind-the-curtain-bix-weir 20:05

Danger Behind the Curtain! (Bix Weir)

1 month ago     10,033 Views    
more-grand-canyon-conspiracy-info-bix-weir 11:02

More Grand Canyon Conspiracy Info! (Bix Weir)

2 months ago     8,900 Views    
post-3-amigos-horn-of-zeese-bix-weir 18:08

Post 3 Amigos "Horn of Zeese" (Bix Weir)

2 months ago     7,860 Views    
3-amigos-pre-game-warm-up-bix-weir 11:35

3 Amigos Pre-Game Warm-Up! (Bix Weir)

2 months ago     8,317 Views    
jamie-dimon-is-a-bitcoin-idiot-bix-weir 09:03

Jamie Dimon is a "Bitcoin IDIOT!!" (Bix Weir)

2 months ago     63 Views    


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