PBS NewsHour

pbs-newshour-weekend-full-episode-january-21-2018 25:00

PBS NewsHour Weekend full episode January 21,...

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party-leaders-trade-jabs-group-of-senators-continues-discussions 03:42

Party leaders trade jabs, group of Senators c...

2 days ago     38 Views    
pbs-newshour-weekend-full-episode-jan-20-2018 24:09

PBS NewsHour Weekend full episode Jan. 20, 2018

3 days ago     49 Views    
white-house-involvement-complicates-government-shutdown 05:30

White House involvement complicates governmen...

3 days ago     64 Views    
one-year-into-trump-s-term-the-women-s-march-returns 02:47

One year into Trump's term, the Women's March...

3 days ago     8 Views    
despite-republican-control-trump-relies-on-executive-orders-to-push-his-agenda 03:31

Despite Republican control, Trump relies on e...

3 days ago     50 Views    
how-trump-has-changed-what-it-means-to-be-conservative 09:05

How Trump has changed what it means to be con...

3 days ago     50 Views    
pbs-newshour-full-episode-january-19-2018 56:53

PBS NewsHour full episode, January 19, 2018

4 days ago     1,190 Views    
pbs-newshour-full-episode-january-19-2018 53:38

PBS NewsHour full episode, January 19, 2018

4 days ago     50 Views    
the-high-tech-coating-that-makes-ketchup-toothpaste-and-glue-glide-out-of-the-container 05:10

The high-tech coating that makes ketchup, too...

4 days ago     50 Views    
shields-and-brooks-on-government-shutdown-blame-trump-s-first-year 12:42

Shields and Brooks on government shutdown bla...

4 days ago     48 Views    
u-s-troops-could-be-in-syria-indefinitely-here-s-why 09:24

U.S. troops could be in Syria indefinitely. H...

4 days ago     4 Views    
why-democrats-want-a-very-short-term-funding-solution 09:40

Why Democrats want a very short-term funding ...

4 days ago     2 Views    
news-wrap-mattis-advocates-defense-strategy-against-world-powers 05:11

News Wrap: Mattis advocates defense strategy ...

4 days ago     3 Views    
how-the-looming-shutdown-would-affect-federal-workers 09:25

How the looming shutdown would affect federal...

4 days ago     20 Views    
mathilde-krim-on-the-importance-of-presidential-leadership-on-aids 01:02

Mathilde Krim on the importance of presidenti...

4 days ago     23 Views    
watch-sen-hatch-speaks-on-chip-from-senate-floor 19:34

WATCH: Sen. Hatch speaks on CHIP from Senate ...

4 days ago     10 Views    
watch-live-pelosi-house-democrats-address-possible-government-shutdown 28:43

WATCH LIVE: Pelosi, House Democrats address p...

4 days ago     241 Views    
watch-live-president-trump-speaks-to-march-for-life-participants 22:14

WATCH LIVE: President Trump speaks to March f...

4 days ago     250 Views    
watch-live-marc-short-mick-mulvaney-hold-briefing-on-potential-government-shutdown 1:08:39

WATCH LIVE: Marc Short, Mick Mulvaney hold br...

4 days ago     166 Views    


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