David Harris Jr.

it-s-happening 07:55

It’s happening!

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news 21:54


2 weeks ago     50 Views    
it-s-catastrophic-here 09:04

It’s catastrophic here..

2 weeks ago     215 Views    
my-update-on-the-redding-fire-carrfire 24:55

My Update on the Redding Fire #CarrFire

2 weeks ago     50 Views    
my-city-is-on-fire-literally 08:06

My City is on Fire.. Literally

2 weeks ago     50 Views    
fisa-docs-released-hillary-and-pelosi-caught-lying 29:12

FISA Docs Released, Hillary... and Pelosi Cau...

3 weeks ago     50 Views    
hey-liberals-why-so-much-hate 04:45

Hey liberals... Why so much hate?

3 weeks ago     50 Views    
the-crazy-liberal-mayhem 55:15

The Crazy Liberal Mayhem!

3 weeks ago     88 Views    
whoopi-maxine-s-supports-burn-flag-and-liberals-vandalize-jewish-trump-supporters-business 07:26

Whoopi, Maxine's Supports Burn Flag and Liber...

3 weeks ago     73 Views    
lisa-page-looking-for-a-deal-trump-invites-putin-to-wh-and-more 31:41

Lisa Page Looking for a Deal! trump invites P...

3 weeks ago     50 Views    
inside-info-on-trump-putin-and-this-liberal-publicly-walks-away-on-my-show 35:58

Inside Info on Trump/Putin and This Liberal P...

3 weeks ago     135 Views    
lisa-page-turns-on-strzok-cnn-meltdown-and-trump-clarifies 29:22

Lisa Page Turns on Strzok! Cnn Meltdown and T...

4 weeks ago     308 Views    
the-world-is-falling-russia-russia-russia 07:30

The World is Falling! Russia Russia Russia!!!

4 weeks ago     89 Views    
twitter-blocked-me-today-for-sharing-this-truth 06:00

Twitter Blocked Me Today For Sharing This Truth!

1 month ago     27,489 Views    
a-message-to-tomi-lahren 06:41

A message to Tomi Lahren

1 month ago     11,587 Views    
ny-powerhouse-politician-is-walking-away 44:42

NY Powerhouse Politician is Walking Away!!!

1 month ago     19,228 Views    
the-left-has-done-it 05:33

The Left Has Done it!

1 month ago     12,708 Views    
a-simple-fix-to-the-illegal-alien-child-issue 10:49

A Simple Fix to the illegal alien child issue

1 month ago     13,719 Views    
hillary-calls-us-deplorables-again 13:45

Hillary Calls US Deplorables Again!!!

11 months ago     2 Views    
trump-compared-to-hitler 07:46

Trump Compared to Hitler

1 year ago     114 Views    


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