Desi Banks

when-your-baby-mama-got-a-boo-boo 01:01

‪ When Your Baby Mama Got a Boo Boo!

1 day ago     858 Views    
when-your-grandma-listen-to-too-much-drake 01:01

When Your Grandma Listen To Too Much Drake!

2 days ago     896 Views    
when-your-sister-done-lost-her-damn-mind 01:01

When Your Sister Done Lost Her Damn Mind!

6 days ago     186 Views    
when-your-baby-mama-have-to-move-with-you 01:00

‪ When Your Baby Mama Have To Move With You!

1 week ago     1,063 Views    
when-you-and-your-bestfriend-song-come-on 01:01

When You And Your BestFriend Song Come On!

1 week ago     732 Views    
when-your-babymama-won-t-tell-your-son-the-truth 01:00

When Your BabyMama Won’t Tell Your Son The Tr...

1 week ago     1,773 Views    
when-your-baby-mama-want-to-go-on-a-family-vacation 00:58

When Your Baby Mama Want To Go On A Family Va...

2 weeks ago     858 Views    
when-your-grandma-didn-t-know-it-was-drake 01:00

When Your Grandma didn’t know it was Drake!

2 weeks ago     936 Views    
when-you-get-saved-by-the-bell 01:01

When you get saved By The Bell!

2 weeks ago     1,506 Views    
when-your-baby-mama-got-gas 01:00

When Your Baby Mama Got Gas!

3 weeks ago     1,689 Views    
when-you-don-t-know-your-school-work-lil-johnny 00:59

When You Don’t Know Your School Work! (Lil Jo...

3 weeks ago     1,109 Views    
when-your-baby-mama-have-on-a-sundress 00:58

‪ When Your Baby Mama Have On A Sundress

3 weeks ago     943 Views    
when-you-trying-to-show-your-girl-what-you-got 00:54

When You Trying To Show Your Girl What You Got!

3 weeks ago     1,614 Views    
when-your-baby-mama-get-you-something-on-fathers-day 01:01

When Your Baby Mama Get You Something On Fath...

4 weeks ago     30,699 Views    
when-your-homeboy-girl-keep-stalking-you 01:01

When Your Homeboy Girl Keep Stalking You!!!

1 month ago     624 Views    
when-your-girlfriend-friend-nosey 01:00

When Your Girlfriend friend Nosey!

1 month ago     42,175 Views    
when-your-babymama-say-she-has-a-new-boyfriend 00:59

‪ When Your BabyMama Say She Has A New BoyFri...

1 month ago     49 Views    
when-your-mama-tell-you-dont-take-from-your-friend-house 00:56

When Your Mama Tell You Dont Take From Your F...

1 month ago     831 Views    
when-your-girl-is-petty 00:58

When Your Girl Is Petty!!!

1 month ago     1,076 Views    
when-your-girl-don-t-believe-you 01:01

‪When Your Girl Don’t Believe You!

1 month ago     1,935 Views    


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