Desi Banks

when-your-babymama-trying-to-be-cute 01:01

When Your BabyMama Trying To Be Cute!

2 days ago     2,456 Views    
when-your-girl-want-to-be-on-your-page 01:01

When Your Girl Want To Be On Your Page!

5 days ago     44,881 Views    
when-your-babymama-new-man-getting-to-you 01:01

When Your BabyMama New Man Getting To You!

6 days ago     50,123 Views    
when-you-think-you-are-a-dope-boy-lil-johnny 01:01

When You Think You Are A Dope Boy! (Lil Johnny)

1 week ago     29,506 Views    
when-your-bestfriend-dress-inappropriate-around-you 00:59

When Your BestFriend dress inappropriate arou...

1 week ago     27,669 Views    
when-your-babymama-try-to-bring-her-boyfriend-to-the-cookout 01:01

When Your BabyMama Try To Bring Her Boyfriend...

2 weeks ago     102,629 Views    
when-you-haven-t-seen-your-baby-mama-in-a-while 01:01

When You Haven’t seen Your Baby Mama In A While!

3 weeks ago     63,803 Views    
when-you-compliment-your-girlfriend-friend-hair 01:01

When You Compliment Your Girlfriend friend hair!

3 weeks ago     33,614 Views    
when-she-thought-she-won-but-she-lost 00:58

When She Thought She Won But She Lost

1 month ago     43,344 Views    
when-your-bestfriend-dont-listen 01:01

‪ When Your BestFriend Dont listen!

1 month ago     44,040 Views    
when-your-babymama-know-you-out-of-town 01:00

‪ When Your BabyMama Know You Out Of Town!

1 month ago     60,721 Views    
when-your-girl-want-you-to-go-to-the-salon-with-her 00:56

When Your Girl Want You To Go To The Salon Wi...

1 month ago     62,926 Views    
when-you-didn-t-know-she-was-crazy 01:00

When You Didn’t know She Was Crazy!

1 month ago     93,559 Views    
when-your-baby-mama-got-a-new-man 01:00

When Your Baby Mama Got A New Man!

1 month ago     42,598 Views    
when-you-get-in-trouble-on-the-first-day-of-school 01:01

‪ When You Get In Trouble On The First Day Of...

1 month ago     1,256 Views    
when-your-bestfriend-forgot-about-you 00:58

‪ When Your Bestfriend Forgot About You!

1 month ago     1,282 Views    
when-your-baby-mama-think-she-tough 01:01

‪ When Your Baby Mama Think She Tough!

1 month ago     1,143 Views    
when-your-girl-say-she-want-something-different 01:01

When Your Girl Say She Want Something Different!

1 month ago     48,163 Views    
when-your-bestfriend-shock-you 01:01

When Your BestFriend shock You!

1 month ago     53,802 Views    
when-your-babymama-want-to-take-a-filter-picture 01:01

When Your BabyMama Want To Take A Filter Pict...

1 month ago     1,635 Views    


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