Desi Banks

when-your-girl-looking-bad 00:56

When Your Girl Looking Bad!

11 hours ago     1,301 Views    
when-your-sister-on-the-run 01:00

When Your Sister On The Run!

2 days ago     847 Views    
when-beyonc-get-you-in-trouble-lil-johnny 00:57

When Beyoncé Get You In Trouble! (Lil Johnny)

3 days ago     737 Views    
when-your-homeboy-girl-stalking-you 00:58

When Your Homeboy Girl Stalking You!

1 week ago     1,291 Views    
when-your-baby-mama-swipe-your-card 00:53

When Your Baby Mama Swipe Your Card!

1 week ago     1,198 Views    
when-your-girl-leave-you-lil-johnny 01:01

When Your Girl Leave You! (lil Johnny)

1 week ago     51,939 Views    
when-your-baby-mama-drunk 00:58

When Your Baby Mama Drunk!

1 week ago     16 Views    
killer-fart-ft-candace-b-harris-baby-mama-vlog 06:35

Killer Fart! Ft Candace B. Harris/Baby Mama V...

1 week ago     46 Views    
when-your-sister-crash-your-mama-car 00:57

‪ When Your Sister Crash Your Mama Car!

2 weeks ago     48 Views    
when-your-homeboy-girl-puts-the-package-in-your-hand 01:01

‪ When Your Homeboy Girl Puts The Package In ...

2 weeks ago     49 Views    
when-you-got-to-talk-about-your-life-at-school 01:01

When You Got To Talk About Your Life At School!

2 weeks ago     669 Views    
when-it-s-your-baby-mama-fault 01:01

When It’s Your Baby Mama Fault

3 weeks ago     621 Views    
desibanks-nassau-vlog-with-b-simone 05:49

DesiBanks Nassau Vlog With B.Simone

3 weeks ago     146 Views    
me-and-nu-nu-my-sister-chilling-vlog 04:49

Me And Nu Nu/My Sister Chilling! Vlog!

4 weeks ago     31 Views    
when-your-baby-mama-need-money-for-vacation 01:03

When Your Baby Mama Need Money For Vacation!

4 weeks ago     871 Views    
when-your-sister-spend-your-money 01:01

When Your Sister Spend Your Money!

1 month ago     27,307 Views    
when-you-go-to-yoga-class 01:00

‪When You Go To Yoga Class!

1 month ago     537 Views    
when-your-girl-too-naked-for-dinner 01:01

‪ When Your Girl Too Naked For Dinner!

1 month ago     1,275 Views    
when-your-babymama-got-bills 00:59

‪ When Your BabyMama Got Bills!

1 month ago     899 Views    
when-your-girl-come-back-in-town-boujee 01:03

‪ When Your Girl Come Back In Town Boujee!

1 month ago     1,377 Views    


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