really-sunspot-truth-finally-revealed-to-masses 08:01

REALLY? Sunspot "Truth" Finally Revealed To M...

3 days ago     2,277 Views    
sunspot-ghost-town-something-s-not-right 07:26

Sunspot = GHOST TOWN.. Something's Not Right

5 days ago     144,624 Views    
the-real-reason-for-solar-observatory-shutdown 11:38

The REAL Reason For Solar Observatory Shutdow...

6 days ago     54,720 Views    
exclusive-the-truth-about-skinwalkers 49:21


1 week ago     30,346 Views    
news-blackout-space-observatory-mysteriously-locked-down-nobody 12:21

NEWS BLACKOUT: Space Observatory Mysteriously...

1 week ago     226,343 Views    
disturbing-i-ve-never-seen-anything-like-this-in-40-years 10:52

DISTURBING: "I've Never Seen Anything Like Th...

1 week ago     11,351 Views    
something-s-very-wrong-on-the-space-station 17:54

Something's VERY WRONG On The Space Station..

2 weeks ago     295,634 Views    
unexplained-force-pulls-down-planes-causing 16:34

"UNEXPLAINED FORCE" Pulls Down Planes Causing...

2 weeks ago     110,264 Views    
ghostship-appears-after-9-years-something-s-not-right 08:34

"GHOSTSHIP" Appears After 9 Years.. Something...

2 weeks ago     116,379 Views    
what-is-in-the-lightning 14:32


2 weeks ago     270,552 Views    
some-very-unsettling-doorbell-footage 05:27

Some VERY Unsettling Doorbell Footage

3 weeks ago     66,328 Views    
never-seen-anything-like-this-before 13:48

NEVER Seen Anything Like This Before...

3 weeks ago     231,074 Views    
some-very-sad-news 05:25

Some Very Sad News...

3 weeks ago     130,848 Views    
impossible-footprints-found-2-miles-down-on-ocean-floor 10:03

"IMPOSSIBLE" Footprints Found 2 MILES Down On...

3 weeks ago     264,804 Views    
mystery-metal-fragment-may-reveal-something-sinister 06:02

MYSTERY Metal Fragment May Reveal Something S...

3 weeks ago     145,550 Views    
it-s-happened-over-65-times-in-just-48-hours 11:31

It's Happened Over 65 TIMES In Just 48 Hours..

3 weeks ago     96,021 Views    
they-re-appearing-everywhere-now 13:40

They're Appearing Everywhere Now..

1 month ago     399,334 Views    
mystery-satellite-s-alarming-behavior-never-seen-before 05:27

MYSTERY Satellite's "Alarming Behavior" Never...

1 month ago     18,578 Views    
diver-claims-alien-ship-found-under-bermuda-triangle 11:53

Diver Claims "ALIEN SHIP" Found Under Bermuda...

1 month ago     256,694 Views    
this-is-getting-too-real 11:12

This Is Getting Too Real..

1 month ago     292,293 Views    


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