what-really-just-happened-over-michigan 10:32

What Really Just Happened Over Michigan?

3 days ago     1,066 Views    
strangeness-that-ll-make-you-question-everything 10:26

STRANGENESS That'll Make You Question Everyth...

5 days ago     35 Views    
no-memory-of-what-happened-next 12:29

NO Memory Of What Happened Next..

1 week ago     1,273 Views    
alien-rock-keeping-scientists-up-at-night 04:45

"Alien Rock" Keeping Scientists Up At Night

1 week ago     985 Views    
what-just-flew-past-the-sun 08:10

What Just Flew Past The Sun?

1 week ago     2 Views    
is-something-about-to-happen 10:25

Is Something About To Happen?

1 week ago     8 Views    
what-s-going-on-above-new-york 11:57

WHAT'S Going On Above New York?

1 week ago     407,031 Views    
mystery-glitch-proves-space-station-fakery 10:40

Mystery Glitch Proves Space Station Fakery?

1 week ago     419,027 Views    
astrophysicist-lost-for-words 11:51

Astrophysicist Lost For Words..

2 weeks ago     46,658 Views    
strange-things-happening-in-ecuador 10:20

STRANGE Things Happening In Ecuador..

2 weeks ago     105,124 Views    
your-voice-belongs-to-them-now 10:37

Your Voice Belongs To Them Now

2 weeks ago     71,678 Views    
secret-satellite-to-speak-with-unknown-group 07:21

SECRET Satellite To "Speak With Unknown Group"

2 weeks ago     113,530 Views    
what-is-this-mystery-object 13:51

WHAT Is This Mystery Object?

2 weeks ago     81,617 Views    
happy-new-year-from-secureteam 00:49

Happy New Year From Secureteam

2 weeks ago     85,602 Views    
the-cia-just-tweeted-this 12:28

The CIA Just Tweeted This..

3 weeks ago     24,959 Views    
they-re-monitoring-something-in-space 08:21

They're Monitoring SOMETHING In Space..

3 weeks ago     16,521 Views    
something-just-released-over-california 10:03

SOMETHING Just Released Over California..

3 weeks ago     120,050 Views    
it-s-heading-back-towards-earth 07:40

It's Heading Back Towards Earth

4 weeks ago     101,897 Views    
neil-doesn-t-have-a-clue 11:21

Neil Doesn't Have A Clue...

4 weeks ago     58,546 Views    
pieces-of-ufo-have-been-recovered 10:24

PIECES Of UFO Have Been Recovered!

1 month ago     123,422 Views    


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