things-just-took-a-major-turn 10:53

Things Just Took A Major Turn..

9 hours ago     1,698 Views    
if-you-find-this-strange-mark 12:52


1 day ago     1,403 Views    
portal-closing-over-scotland 15:27

"PORTAL" Closing Over Scotland?

2 days ago     3,136 Views    
they-tried-to-bury-this-information 12:13

They Tried To Bury This Information

4 days ago     255,535 Views    
we-can-t-ignore-this-any-longer 12:38

WE CAN'T Ignore This Any Longer...

5 days ago     116,343 Views    
memory-transplants-no-longer-a-fantasy 05:12

MEMORY Transplants No Longer A Fantasy..

5 days ago     1,169 Views    
they-re-not-from-our-oceans 10:42

They're Not From Our Oceans..

6 days ago     5 Views    
human-eating-robots-secretly-deployed 10:57

"HUMAN-Eating" Robots Secretly Deployed?

1 week ago     353,288 Views    
something-caught-moving-fast-underground 12:12

Something Caught Moving FAST UNDERGROUND...

1 week ago     2 Views    
is-this-an-alien-satellite 12:34

IS THIS An Alien Satellite?

1 week ago     3 Views    
this-is-getting-scary 10:12

This Is Getting Scary...

1 week ago     4,231 Views    
they-never-stopped-appearing 15:36

They NEVER Stopped Appearing..

1 week ago     2 Views    
something-s-not-right 10:51

Something's Not Right...

2 weeks ago     29 Views    
moon-of-jupiter-is-acting-very-strange 11:05

"MOON" Of Jupiter Is Acting Very Strange..

2 weeks ago     206,890 Views    
is-this-just-the-beginning 15:22

Is This Just The Beginning?

2 weeks ago     111,120 Views    
they-dwell-in-the-lightning 10:02

They Dwell In The Lightning...

2 weeks ago     588,728 Views    
you-can-t-handle-the-truth 11:35

You CAN'T Handle The Truth...

2 weeks ago     123,114 Views    
what-are-they-hiding-on-venus 11:52

What Are They Hiding On Venus

3 weeks ago     387,843 Views    
something-strange-is-in-the-woods 12:36

Something Strange Is In The Woods..

3 weeks ago     404,412 Views    
dark-sky-event-coming-to-earth 15:48

"DARK SKY" Event Coming To Earth?

3 weeks ago     492,163 Views    


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