Mind Oddities

10-things-you-can-do-to-become-smarter-than-your-friends 05:57

10 Things You Can Do To Become Smarter Than Y...

1 week ago     28 Views    
read-your-palm-to-find-out-what-it-means-about-you 03:13

Read Your Palm To Find Out What It Means Abou...

2 weeks ago     45 Views    
personality-test-how-do-you-feel-about-your-true-crush 07:08

Personality Test: How Do You Feel About Your ...

4 weeks ago     50 Views    
10-simple-iq-tests-and-riddles-for-kids 05:07

10 'Simple' IQ Tests and Riddles For Kids

1 month ago     50 Views    
how-fast-can-you-find-the-odd-emoji-out 06:00

How Fast Can You Find The Odd Emoji Out?

1 month ago     41 Views    
can-your-subconscious-reveal-the-truth-about-your-personality 05:01

Can Your Subconscious Reveal The Truth About ...

1 month ago     50 Views    
what-does-your-subconscious-reveal-about-your-personality 05:50

What Does Your Subconscious Reveal About Your...

1 month ago     50 Views    
amazing-optical-illusions-to-test-your-brain-power 15:21

Amazing Optical Illusions To Test Your Brain ...

1 month ago     50 Views    
try-not-to-be-satisfied-challenge-100-impossible-most-oddly-satisfying-compilation 14:18

Try Not To Be Satisfied Challenge! 100% Impos...

1 month ago     50 Views    
7-signs-that-you-have-a-naturally-strong-personality 04:41

7 Signs That You Have A Naturally Strong Pers...

10 months ago     711 Views    
can-you-find-the-hidden-dog-in-under-5-seconds 03:02

Can You Find The Hidden Dog In Under 5 Seconds?

1 year ago     70,290 Views    
iq-test-six-riddles-you-won-t-have-a-chance-in-solving 03:45

IQ TEST: Six Riddles You Won't Have A Chance ...

1 year ago     52,773 Views    
are-you-smarter-than-a-first-grader-90-fail 03:31

Are YOU Smarter Than a First Grader? 90% Fail!

2 years ago     1,236,470 Views    


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