stepeh-colbert-late-show-1-15-2018-trump-pay-for-p-rn-actress 15:11

Stepeh Colbert Late Show (1/15/2018) Trump pa...

4 days ago     21 Views    
stephen-colbert-monologue-1-15-2018-melania-trump-of-all-people-urged-the-un 13:57

Stephen Colbert Monologue (1/15/2018) Melania...

5 days ago     2 Views    
stephen-colbert-late-show-1-14-2018-african-countries-demand-trump-apology 10:50

Stephen Colbert Late Show (1/14/2018) African...

5 days ago     14 Views    
stephen-colbert-monologue-1-14-2018-donald-trump-from-slan-eye-traitors-to-sh-thole-countries 11:00

Stephen Colbert Monologue (1/14/2018) Donald ...

6 days ago     52 Views    
stephen-colbert-monolouge-1-13-2018-hillary-warned-us-and-it-happen 11:11

Stephen Colbert Monolouge (1/13/2018) Hillary...

6 days ago     12 Views    
stephen-colbert-monologue-1-13-2018-to-black-voter-who-vote-for-trump 10:50

Stephen Colbert Monologue (1/13/2018) To Blac...

1 week ago     29 Views    
stephen-colbert-monologue-1-12-2018-this-is-intelligence-and-stupidity 11:10

Stephen Colbert Monologue (1/12/2018) This is...

1 week ago     44 Views    
stephen-colbert-late-show-1-12-2018-hey-donald-what-is-shithole-countries 11:23

Stephen Colbert Late Show (1/12/2018) Hey Don...

1 week ago     25 Views    
stephen-colbert-late-show-1-10-2018-trump-must-be-remove-from-office 10:14

Stephen Colbert Late Show (1/10/2018) Trump m...

1 week ago     70,440 Views    


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