The Young Turks

olympic-skier-snubs-trump-and-fox-and-friends-can-t-handle-it 05:36

Olympic Skier Snubs Trump And Fox And Friends...

16 hours ago     155,649 Views    
john-oliver-grills-dustin-hoffman-on-sexual-assault-allegations 12:25

John Oliver GRILLS Dustin Hoffman On Sexual A...

5 days ago     66,611 Views    
should-casey-affleck-be-banned-from-oscars 06:54

Should Casey Affleck Be Banned From Oscars?

5 days ago     39,788 Views    
trump-privatizes-national-parks 04:12

Trump Privatizes National Parks

6 days ago     88,917 Views    
trump-teases-government-shutdown 10:52

Trump Teases Government Shutdown

1 week ago     100,709 Views    
bombshell-mike-flynn-pleads-guilty-will-cooperate-with-mueller 17:43

BOMBSHELL: Mike Flynn Pleads Guilty, Will Coo...

1 week ago     228,978 Views    
geraldo-rivera-defends-matt-lauer 15:41

Geraldo Rivera Defends Matt Lauer

1 week ago     57,124 Views    
trump-hints-at-scarborough-murder 07:51

Trump Hints At Scarborough MURDER

1 week ago     213,949 Views    
melania-s-nightmare-before-christmas 03:20

Melania's Nightmare Before Christmas

1 week ago     131,036 Views    
is-trump-saying-pocahontas-racist 10:26

Is Trump Saying "Pocahontas" Racist?

1 week ago     53,801 Views    
chuck-and-nancy-cancel-trump-meeting 16:15

"Chuck And Nancy" Cancel Trump Meeting

1 week ago     156,180 Views    
how-trump-s-swamp-is-taking-over-the-consumer-financial-protection-bureau 13:39

How Trump's Swamp Is Taking Over The Consumer...

1 week ago     61,801 Views    
in-defense-of-a-republican-masturbator 05:29

In Defense of a Republican Masturbator

2 weeks ago     101,907 Views    
hilarious-fuck-trump-bumper-sticker-story-update 02:57

Hilarious "Fuck Trump" Bumper Sticker Story ...

2 weeks ago     139,247 Views    
harvey-weinstein-caught-using-tabloids-to-smear-accusers 08:57

Harvey Weinstein CAUGHT Using Tabloids To Sme...

2 weeks ago     81,468 Views    
tyt-statement-on-jordan-chariton 06:14

TYT Statement on Jordan Chariton

2 weeks ago     100,178 Views    
progressives-coming-to-sweep-republicans-from-office 13:46

Progressives Coming To Sweep Republicans From...

2 weeks ago     75,640 Views    
terry-crews-calls-out-russell-simmons 09:42

Terry Crews Calls Out Russell Simmons

2 weeks ago     82,577 Views    
russell-simmons-brett-ratner-accused-of-sexual-assault 18:20

Russell Simmons, Brett Ratner Accused Of Sexu...

2 weeks ago     67,275 Views    
trump-supporter-i-trust-potus-more-than-jesus 07:08

Trump Supporter: I Trust POTUS More Than Jesus

2 weeks ago     81,731 Views    


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