The Young Turks

trump-spreading-nazi-propaganda 07:53

Trump Spreading Nazi Propaganda

2 hours ago     49 Views    
supreme-court-fails-to-save-democracy 06:42

Supreme Court Fails To Save Democracy

2 hours ago     126 Views    
roger-stone-caught-lying-about-russia 09:23

Roger Stone Caught Lying About Russia

3 hours ago     50 Views    
republicans-like-kim-jong-un-more-than-nancy-pelosi 05:11

Republicans Like Kim Jong-Un More Than Nancy ...

3 hours ago     51 Views    
report-cop-sexually-assaulted-4-year-old-girl 05:07

REPORT: Cop Sexually Assaulted 4-Year-Old Girl

4 hours ago     220 Views    
trump-blames-democrats-for-his-own-child-prisons 12:07

Trump Blames Democrats For His Own Child Prisons

4 hours ago     51 Views    
melania-on-trump-separating-children-from-parents 07:28

Melania On Trump Separating Children From Par...

4 hours ago     147 Views    
pay-no-attention-to-the-child-cages-on-the-news 05:35

Pay No Attention To The Child Cages On The News!

5 hours ago     51 Views    
ann-coulter-don-t-fall-for-the-actor-children 09:45

Ann Coulter: Don't Fall For The Actor Children!

6 hours ago     731 Views    
polls-americans-hate-trump-s-child-prisons 07:54

Polls: Americans HATE Trump's Child Prisons

6 hours ago     34 Views    
leaked-audio-of-children-separated-from-parents-will-break-your-heart 11:55

Leaked Audio Of Children Separated From Paren...

7 hours ago     685 Views    
trump-policy-separates-migrant-kids-from-parents-throws-them-in-cages-ep-21 39:28

Trump Policy Separates Migrant Kids From Pare...

9 hours ago     1,960 Views    
jimmy-dore-ruins-the-oslo-freedom-forum-video 20:46

Jimmy Dore RUINS The Oslo Freedom Forum (VIDEO)

2 days ago     43 Views    
trump-is-a-hilarious-liar 04:55

Trump is a Hilarious Liar

2 days ago     1,129 Views    
how-the-justice-system-treated-these-two-cases-of-voter-fraud 04:09

How The Justice System Treated These Two Case...

2 days ago     50 Views    
justice-for-guy-who-s-ex-girlfriend-sabotaged-his-life 06:44

Justice For Guy Who's Ex-Girlfriend Sabotaged...

3 days ago     176 Views    
cartoonist-fired-over-trump 05:55

Cartoonist Fired Over Trump

3 days ago     190 Views    
trump-wanted-to-meet-kim-because-he-was-bored 07:32

Trump Wanted To Meet Kim Because He Was Bored

3 days ago     306 Views    
trump-jealous-of-kim-jong-un-video 09:15

Trump Jealous Of Kim Jong-Un (VIDEO)

3 days ago     50 Views    
trump-closer-to-ending-rule-of-law-than-you-think 07:23

Trump Closer To Ending Rule Of Law Than You T...

3 days ago     69 Views    


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