The Young Turks

sure-looking-like-trump-paid-for-an-abortion 10:40

Sure Looking Like Trump Paid For An Abortion...

15 hours ago     136,749 Views    
terrified-trump-wants-omarosa-arrested 09:32

Terrified Trump Wants Omarosa ARRESTED

1 day ago     126,362 Views    
new-omarosa-tape-drops-and-trump-is-mad 07:54

New Omarosa Tape Drops And Trump Is MAD

3 days ago     148,561 Views    
secret-trump-tapes-released-by-former-white-house-staffer 13:16

Secret Trump Tapes Released By Former White H...

4 days ago     140,307 Views    
betsy-devos-caught-not-paying-taxes 12:21

Betsy DeVos Caught Not Paying Taxes

6 days ago     240,820 Views    
breaking-trump-maniacally-attacks-his-own-administration 06:11

BREAKING: Trump Maniacally Attacks His Own Ad...

6 days ago     94,303 Views    
laura-ingraham-s-rant-goes-off-the-rails 15:35

Laura Ingraham's Rant Goes Off The Rails

1 week ago     97,475 Views    
hasan-piker-exposes-laura-ingraham-s-racism 03:04

Hasan Piker Exposes Laura Ingraham’s Racism

1 week ago     111,173 Views    
devin-nunes-really-wishes-this-audio-wasn-t-leaked 12:39

Devin Nunes REALLY Wishes This Audio Wasn't L...

1 week ago     96,360 Views    
china-and-iran-laugh-in-trump-s-face 09:02

China And Iran Laugh In Trump's Face

1 week ago     152,446 Views    
trump-makes-a-complete-fool-of-himself 08:09

Trump Makes A Complete Fool Of Himself

1 week ago     185,940 Views    
cenk-uygur-speaks-out-on-bill-maher 07:35

Cenk Uygur Speaks Out On Bill Maher

1 week ago     256,359 Views    
pro-trumpers-vs-ex-trumpers-gets-heated 16:04

Pro-Trumpers Vs. Ex-Trumpers Gets HEATED

1 week ago     136,511 Views    
trump-university-vs-lebron-s-i-promise-school 03:29

Trump University vs. LeBron's 'I PROMISE' School

1 week ago     27,359 Views    
trump-hiding-from-reporters-after-admitting-he-lied 11:36

Trump Hiding From Reporters After Admitting H...

1 week ago     161,723 Views    
trump-unveils-plan-to-kill-the-planet 06:56

Trump Unveils Plan To Kill The Planet

1 week ago     432 Views    
progressive-james-thompson-needs-your-help 03:56

Progressive James Thompson Needs Your Help!

1 week ago     227 Views    
qanon-movement-will-make-you-facepalm 08:47

QAnon Movement Will Make You Facepalm

2 weeks ago     196 Views    
this-story-is-the-definition-of-white-privilege 05:56

THIS Story Is The Definition Of White Privilege

2 weeks ago     47 Views    
nra-going-bankrupt 08:35


2 weeks ago     369 Views    


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