Julien Solomita

hanging-out-with-our-hamster-in-bed 08:09

hanging out with our hamster in bed

6 days ago     238,360 Views    
the-most-annoying-j-s-kitchen 12:16

the most annoying j's kitchen

1 week ago     3 Views    
pizza-break 07:02

pizza break

2 weeks ago     194,053 Views    
beware-of-hamster 07:25

beware of hamster

2 weeks ago     218,545 Views    
getting-a-scary-phone-call-in-our-hotel 10:31

getting a scary phone call in our hotel

3 weeks ago     325,726 Views    
planning-her-basketball-game 12:51

planning her basketball game

1 month ago     279,628 Views    
cooking-show-for-our-dogs 08:12

cooking show for our dogs

1 month ago     310,719 Views    
this-year-won-t-be-the-same-vlogmas 08:39

this year won't be the same (vlogmas)

1 month ago     179,406 Views    
thankful-mp4 03:03


2 months ago     101,342 Views    
we-gave-our-hamster-an-upgrade 07:05

we gave our hamster an upgrade

2 months ago     273,900 Views    
me-and-my-hamster 06:56

me and my hamster

2 months ago     212,413 Views    
chicken-noodle-soup 08:22

chicken noodle soup

2 months ago     345,013 Views    
bedtime-weather 07:49

bedtime weather

2 months ago     174,560 Views    
kermit-s-soap-party 08:24

kermit's soap party

3 months ago     584,672 Views    
testing-our-dogs-fitness 07:49

testing our dogs' fitness

3 months ago     303,006 Views    
i-m-not-ready 10:12

i'm not ready

3 months ago     233,467 Views    
i-m-officially-a-beauty-vlogger 09:56

i'm officially a beauty vlogger

3 months ago     245,302 Views    
don-t-come-to-our-house 03:57

don't come to our house

4 months ago     219,335 Views    
a-weird-situation-with-my-postmate 09:33

a weird situation with my postmate

4 months ago     192,050 Views    
average 02:36


4 months ago     172,733 Views    


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